Matt Sloan is a human and the school bully at Meriwether College Prep.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians

The Sea of Monsters

During the Language exam at the end of the year (where the students were left unsupervised for an hour to see if they understood the book The Lord of the Flies) he constructed many "activities," including a wedgie contest between the seventh and eighth grade, two pebble fights, and a full-tackle basketball game. When trying to give a wedgie to Tyson, unaware that he was a Cyclops, Tyson swatted him away too hard making him fly fifteen feet and getting him tangled in the tire swing. He unwittingly recruited some Laistrygonian giants that he mistook for visiting students to his dodgeball team and when the gym was destroyed, he told police officials that Percy was responsible for the explosion, something the teacher agreed to as he was so engrossed in his sports magazine that he just agreed with Sloan so he wouldn't get fired for not paying attention.

Percy Jackson, one of Matt Sloan's victims.


According to Percy Jackson, "he had eyes like a pit bull, and shaggy black hair, and he always dressed in expensive but sloppy clothes, like he didn't care about the family's money." One of his front teeth was chipped from when he ran into a "Please slow down for children" sign while joyriding his father's Porsche.


Matt takes joy in tormenting others and vandalizing other’s property.

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