How ya doin', Stripes? Least we'll be getting rid of you this stop. You like magic shows? You're gonna love this one. They're gonna saw you in half!

–Maurice to the zebra, in The Lightning Thief

Maurice was an animal smuggler and driver for Kindness International: Humane Zoo Transport.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

On his way to Las Vegas, Maurice and his partner Eddie stopped at a local diner for food. At the same time, Ares was rewarding Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Grover Underwood with a ride west for returning his shield from Waterland. Ares said that the truck was their ride so the three jumped into the back of Maurice's truck. Once the trio were in the back of the truck, they learned that Maurice and Eddie were smuggling a zebra, a lion, and an antelope into Las Vegas and were anything but humane. Maurice and Eddie, who were unknowingly transporting three additional passengers, soon left again for Las Vegas.

Kindness International

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase in the back of the Kindness International Truck.

On the trip, Maurice had to climb in back to feed the animals, almost catching Percy, Grover, and Annabeth in the process. While he did refill the animal's water, he gave each animal the wrong food, most likely on purpose because he teased them. However, when he heard knocking on the truck, he went back out to see what exactly his partner wanted. Annabeth then took off her invisibility cap to reveal she was the one knocking. Maurice and Eddie continued to fight outside the truck while Percy tried to free the animals in Las Vegas, and Grover performed the Satyr's Sanctuary to ensure that they would find food and shelter. Maurice and Eddie soon noticed what was happening and stopped arguing as the animals ran away. As they chased after them, they were followed by a few policemen, asking to see their permit for animal transportation.


Maurice is a criminal and does not care for the animals he smuggles, despite being in the animal delivery business (although it is illegal). Him giving the animals the wrong food and being intentionally cruel to them is an example of his indifference towards them. He is also easily annoyed, as seen when getting into multiple arguments with his partner Eddie on many occasions.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians
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