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Everything alive deserves a chance to grow.

–Meg to Apollo, The Dark Prophecy.

Margaret "Meg" McCaffrey is the deuteragonist of The Trials of Apollo series. She is a thirteen-year-old Greek demigod daughter of Demeter, living on her own in Hell's Kitchen, a neighborhood in Manhattan. After Apollo had been forced to live as a mortal for a third time, Meg saves him from a pair of muggers. When she learns that he needs to be a servant to somebody so that the fallen god can return to Olympus, she claims him as her servant and travels with the fallen god to help him secure the oracles and regain his godhood. She is soon revealed to be, unwillingly, working for Triumvirate Holdings under Nero, her step-father, but she quickly defects from him.


Early Life

Meg McCaffrey was born to Demeter, the Greek goddess of harvest and agriculture, and Phillip McCaffrey, a mortal man and a botanist, in Palm Springs, California.

She lived in Aeithales, a series of greenhouses built by her father. He would take her into the greenhouses and speak as the plants, making her laugh. Her father cared for her greatly.

Fleeing Home

When Meg was five years old, her father was threatened by Triumvirate Holdings due to his work in trying to restore the Meliai, which unnerved the emperors, and the father and daughter were forced to flee after their house burst into flames by orders of Caligula.

Death of Father

They went east to New York City, where the god-emperor Nero separated her from her mortal father and proceeded to take her in and raise Meg as his own daughter. Before their separation, her father gave her a rose which was supposed to be a gift from her mother.

When she was six years old, Nero killed her father for her disobedience and crushed the rose, and indirectly blamed her for her father's death.

Living with Nero

Through his sophisticated manipulation over the years, Nero was able to manipulate Meg into believing that he and the fearsome malevolent Beast were two separate people rather than the same man.

She was trained under a Gaul named Luguselwa who she calls "Lu" who doubled as her legal guardian and nanny. She would perform parental tasks such as taking Meg to the doctor and signing permission slips. "Lu" would also help her fake deaths when Nero forced her to kill. The Gaul would take her to ride the Gray Sisters' Taxi if she did good in training.

During this time Meg learned to fight with twin blades. She also learned about how the Romans dated their calendars, with the year starting with the founding of Rome.

At one point she was introduced to Caligula, however she did not learn his name as Nero only called him “my kinsman”. She would not learn who he was or see him again until the daughter of Demeter was twelve.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

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Meg threw trash at two muggers while they were mugging the former god Apollo. When Apollo first meets Meg he thinks for a second that it might be his sister Artemis in disguise, explaining that she normally appears in the form of a twelve-year-old girl. He dismisses the thought though and explains how his previous banishments have worked, and she claims his service, approved by Zeus with a thunderclap. Apollo feels that they are being watched and takes her to Percy Jackson's apartment. Sally Jackson gives her spare clothes. Percy decides to drive them to Camp Half-Blood.

The Nosoi follow them, forcing Percy to crash his car in an orchard. The trio tries to fight off the Nosoi. Meg unintentionally summons a peach Karpos to fight off the Nosoi, who bit a Noss's head off then proceeded to finish off the remaining Nosoi, as they tried to retreat. Meg named the Karpos "Peaches". Using the western border, which is said to be wilder than the eastern border because of the heavily enchanted hills and woods, Meg, Peaches, and Apollo made their way to Camp Half-Blood. She swings from tree branches and cartwheels through the mud. Apollo starts to hear voices when they reached the woods, causing him to collapse. Meg tried her best to reach Camp Half-Blood while bearing most of Apollo's weight and unknowingly talking to the trees to tell them to get out of the way. As soon as they reached the camp, Apollo passed out.

Will Solace mentioned that while Apollo is asleep, Meg poked Connor Stoll in the eyes and kicked Sherman Yang in the crotch. She and Apollo speak with Chiron about the recent disappearances of a few campers. That night at dinner as Sherman and Connor try to get revenge on her when Peaches appears and slams Sherman's face on the ground and starts yanking out large chunks of Connor's hair. Soon after this, she is claimed by Demeter. Billie Ng then takes her to cabin four, Demeter's Cabin.

The next morning, Apollo talks to her at breakfast. She says she had trouble sleeping in her new cabin due to allergies. He asks her where she received her siccae blades, but she tells him to stop. They are paired up for a race through the Labyrinth to find three golden apples but get lost, during which, they wind up below Delphi and overhear a conversation between Python and the Beast. She is terrified by the ordeal but Apollo drags her away and they find the last golden apple and return to the Forest. Their binds unlock and they run back to camp.

The next day she, Apollo, Chiron, and Rachel Elizabeth Dare head to the Oracle's cave where they talk about Triumvirate Holdings, an organization that has financially backed both the Titan Army and Octavian during their respective wars with Camp Half-Blood. Apollo then says he has other Oracles and that one might be in the forest. The next day she and Apollo head into the Forest to find the missing campers. They come across a Palikos who they ask for information about The Grove of Dodona when they are attacked by a swarm of Myrmekes. After Apollo breaks his oath on the Styx to save himself (by playing a song on his ukulele to mesmerize the Myrmekes), Meg is taken away by the creatures.

She is then freed by Apollo and after they get past the Myrmeke Queen they reach the atrium of the Grove, where they are greeted by Nero, who reveals that he is Meg's step-father. Apollo tries to tell Meg that he is going to destroy the grove, but she does not listen. She then forces Apollo to help her open the gate to the grove where she realizes Nero is going to burn it down. As Nero is about to set Austin Lake on fire, Peaches comes and stops him. She and Apollo run into the grove where he puts his wind chimes up and hears a prophecy. Meg frees Apollo from her services and says to do what he wants now before going back to Nero.

The Dark Prophecy

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Meg is seen often by Apollo during his "visions". In one of the visions, Meg is with Nero. She is sitting in front of Nero as he commands her to kidnap Apollo. He sent her west along with two "companions", Vortigern, a huge and strong Germani, and Marcus, a kid that stated by Apollo, "...reminded me somewhat of Nico di Angelo..." to find Apollo.

Later in one of Apollo's dreams, he learns that Meg escaped from Vortigern and Marcus through a clump of dandelions. When Marcus and Vortigern are beheaded by Lityerses, or"Lit", under Commodus's orders. Lit is then tasked with capturing both Meg and Apollo.

When Calypso and Apollo are trying to free Britomartis's Griffins from the Indianapolis Zoo, they are caught by Lit and would've been killed if not for Meg's arrival. Meg and Lityerses then proceed to engage in a battle. During the fight, it is indicated that Meg had saved Apollo and Calypso numerous times before. Meg commands Apollo to leave several times but he stays, rescuing Meg when she gets struck down by Lit. On the Griffin, Meg shows her feelings for Apollo when she hugs him and "sobs into his shirt".

Back at the Waystation, it is revealed that Meg is still unsure about her relationship with Apollo and Nero, though as Apollo tries to make amends with her in ridiculous ways, it is shown through a few of Meg's reactions she still cares about Apollo. Meg is taken in by Hemithea and Josephine. They have dinner with Britomartis, who tells everyone that the entrance to the emperor's (Commodus's) palace is under the Soldiers' and Sailors Monument , through a certain sewer grate.

After dinner, Meg finds out about the Naming Ceremony, when Apollo explains what Commodus intends to do with Indianapolis. One of his plans includes renaming the city. Meg finds this very funny and starts making jokes about "Commodes" and "Commode city". Josephine and Apollo warn Meg about the power of a name, but she proceeds to scream his name out loud. Meg then informs everyone that, according to Nero, Commodus is the weakest of the Triumvirate trio and that they can take him.

The next day "at first light", Meg, Leo Valdez and Apollo start their journey towards the palace. They take a pedal boat through the canal. Along the way, Apollo tells the story of how he murdered Commodus, and Meg informs Apollo that Nero took Peaches away from her saying, that she "didn't deserve a pet". Soon they encounter the Carthaginian Water Serpent. Leo sees a golden sewer grate and assumes it is the secret entrance to the palace. Their boat gets destroyed, and all of them fall into the water. Leo gets to the gate and tries to open it up while Meg and Apollo try to hold off the serpent. After a few desperate attempts, the serpent grabs Meg with its tail and starts to constrict. At that precise moment, Leo opens the gate. Apollo then yells in a godly baritone voice, causing a nearby building to collapse on the serpent, freeing Meg. Apollo then grabs Meg and pulls her into the grate which shuts behind them.

The group wads in the sewer for a while until they reach Commodus's throne room. While traveling in the sewer, Apollo detects that Meg is hurt, although she wouldn't admit it. Upon reaching the throne room, they hide and overhear a conversation that happens between Lit and a man named Alaric. They talk about destroying the Waystation and getting to the Cave of Trophonius, a cave in which one of Apollo's sons, Trophonius inhabits, giving off prophecies which can drive people mad. The only way to heal the mind is by placing them on the Throne of Memory, where they will speak their given prophecies. Commodus's men are distracted by a commotion at the front gates, leaving the Palace largely unguarded. Meg, Apollo, and Leo rescue the prisoners. When Emmie and Josephine's adoptive daughter Georgina, first meets Meg, Georgina is scarred, as she detects hints of Nero. Megs proceeds to "shut off", and says that she can leave.

Meg and Apollo fighting Commodus's forces.

While the freed prisoners are taken to the Waystation by Leo, at the aid of Hunter Kowalski, a Hunter of Artemis and one of the former prisoners, Meg and Apollo set off to find The Throne of Memory. As they prepare to leave, Meg senses something important nearby and leads them into the Arena, where Commodus's dress rehearsal is taking place.

Meg, determined to kill Commodus, wreaks havoc upon his troops. She is promptly stopped when Commodus reveals that he has Peaches hostage and intends to light him on fire. He challenges Meg to try and stop him. Apollo tries desperately to stall Commodus, while Meg climbs up the goal post at the end zone to try and cut Peaches free.

While Apollo botches Commodus's plans when Riding the War Elephant, Livia, Meg succeeds in freeing Peaches, and they crash land in the End Zone.

The fighting stops ultimately, and Lit returns, reporting that the commotion at the front gate has been dealt with, although the number of casualties and the troops' performance disappoints Commodus, who decides to execute Lityerses. Before that can happen, Festus destroys the roof of the stadium, followed by the Hunters of Artemis, some of them swopping down to defend Apollo, and others staying on the roof. Two hunters grab Meg and Peaches, then take them back to the Waystation.

Meg is next seen punching Apollo hello after meeting Apollo and Thalia Grace at waystation. Thalia refers to Meg as a "promising woman", and admits that the Hunters have been keeping a close eye on her.

When Georgina is placed on The throne of Memory, she speaks not a prophecy but a message from Trophonius, telling them that they must come to his cave, with specific orders to bring Meg.

At first light the next day, Meg and Apollo leave in a Mercedes given to them by Leo. After being pulled over by the police, where Meg brings up "Piano Lessons", she asks Apollo to give her lessons after meeting the Oracle. When they reach the oracle entrance on the arrow of Dodona's instructions, they find Yales guarding the door. Apollo tells her that they cannot kill the animals as they are on the endangered monsters list and will risk Artemis's anger. While Meg stalls the beasts, Apollo drinks from the springs of Lethe and Mnemosyne. With the Yales on their tails, Meg enters the cave, her mind unprepared.

After entering, Apollo mentions that they need honey cakes for feeding the snakes, which makes Meg quite confused. Apollo, his mind still a mess after drinking from the springs, jumps into a lake full of snakes, to "find out if they will kill him".

Meg screams at him to sing, but he is still too confused. Out of desperation, Meg sings. Although out of tune, the song happens to be the song that Apollo sings at the nest of the Myrmekes. She makes up her own words and sings about the rose she could not save and her fear of Nero. As she sings the song, she unintentionally shows her memories to Apollo, which include the death of his father, and a few memories of Nero. While singing, she silently asks a few questions, which the Oracle of Trophonius answers, some of which are "What will happen to Apollo" and "How can she help him". Meg then collapses, sobbing. As the spirit of the Dark Oracle takes over her, Apollo begs him to take him instead. When Trophonius continues to torture Meg, Apollo tries desperately to regain control of her mind, singing about Demeter, Meg's mother, and "trying to drive off Meg's fears with a friendly voice". Meg whispers that "the rose died", and proceeds to cough up seemingly random words.

When this ultimately fails, Apollo inhales the "darkness from Meg's lungs". He then experiences Meg's memories of his father's death. After, Apollo and Meg plunge into primordial chaos, where Apollo tries to protect Meg from the miasma. During this time, Meg feels weighed down by guilt, feeling "that she did not deserve to survive". She shows her care for Apollo once more when she chooses not to give up. She is alive when they exit chaos, but still "could be insane for the rest of her life".

She is then rescued by Apollo, with the help of Peaches, along with two new Karpoi, named Peaches and Peaches. The three demon babies drive Apollo and Meg back to the Waystation. After the battle stops, Meg is seen by Thalia, carried by the three karpoi. After she is put on The Throne of Memory, Meg speaks the prophecy given to her by Trophonius, in the form of a Shakespearean Sonnet.

One part of the Prophecy indicates that they need a Cloven guide. The next day, Meg summons Grover Underwood from a tomato patch.

The Burning Maze

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For the past two days she, Apollo and Grover have wondered the labyrinth. They find a wave of fire and go to were it came from. They hear a sound and run. They find a room and she and Grover seal the entrance with tomato plants. After Apollo is paralyzed she demands he tells them what they are. He tells them they are Strix, and if they kill them they will be cursed. She parries the strix as it dives at them and slices its wing off before it dies after hitting a wall, she is scolded by Apollo for this. She and Grover strengthen their blockade before she tapes Apollo to Grover’s back and tells him to ask the Arrow of Dodona. She stays behind to think of ways to hold of the strix before they break through. She catches up with Grover and Apollo but is scratched and paralyzed by the strix. Grover buys them some time by using panic, and the birds flee. She and Grover realize that a Brutus is similar to strawberries and they use strawberry seeds to block the strix and destroy them. They make it to the surface and their destination.

After they emerged from the Labyrinth, Meg tried to go inside when she realized where they were but Grover stops her and tells her to rest. She wakes up nervous and Grover takes them to meet his friends. They meet up with Grover's nymph friends who update Grover on their current events. She faints upon hearing the name of the greenhouses. Apollo and Grover carry her to a nearby well and leave her in the care of a cloud nymph while they search for her husband.

She is awake by the time Apollo and the satyrs return. Apollo tries to talk with her and she shuts him out and glances at Joshua. She orders Apollo to tell her about the emperor. She is concerned by Apollo's information on the third emperor and reveals Aeithales as her old house. She leaves and Apollo catches up and talks to her. She shows him her memories of living at the greenhouses before the fire and the house burning down as she and her father flee. She hopes Jason and Piper have the answers they need.

She, Apollo, and Grover take Coach Hedge’s car to Malibu to meet up with Piper and Jason. When they arrive they find the house being emptied by movers and talk with Piper. Piper says that the Triumvirate Holdings ruined her father and she hugs the daughter of Demeter when she learns she went through the same thing. She agrees to join them. After piper gets her weapons they take her neighbor's car to downtown Los Angeles and find the entrance to the Labyrinth. She readies for battle after Piper shoots the guard with a poison dart. After the guard goes down Piper takes them in a service elevator to the Labyrinth. They run into Agave and Money Maker, two of Grover's scouts. The daughter of Demeter and a Grover do what they can, but Grover chooses to take them above ground to heal properly. She, Piper and Apollo go on and reach an underground parking garage where they run into Medea. The sorceress promises to take the daughter of Demeter back to Nero. She declines and Medea sicks her dragons on them. She and Piper take care of the dragons and she grows weeds in her ears to block out Medea's charmspeak. However, she is knocked unconscious. Apollo pulls her up and shields her from the flames of Helios behind a concrete pillar. She regains consciousness and goes to help Piper with Medea speaking to her like Nero. She leaves after Piper shoots Medea with a dart and Helios goes haywire.

The three make it to the surface and pass out, she manages to inform Grover of their encounter with Medea in the maze before that. They are taken back to Aeithales for better healing. During the meeting, she suggests killing Caligula, but Apollo says that would be impossible. They agree to ask Jason what he learned from the oracle and to steal Caligula's boots of guidance. Before they leave Apollo helps her plant the seeds her father showed her years ago. She, Apollo and Piper head to Pasadena to talk with Jason. When they arrive at his school they head to the son of Jupiter's dorm room to talk. She and the others inform Jason about the attack on Camp Jupiter after he tells them what the oracle told him. She and Piper go to the office to get Jason out of school. They drive to Santa Barbara in a school van and search Stears Wharf for hours. During dinner, they spot a small fleet of yachts forming a blockade around the harbor with mortal military and law enforcement personnel helping with security. They agree to search the center yacht. They head there after trick three mercenaries into giving them their boat, Meg wants to kill them but they leave them ashore. While Jason takes Piper up first Apollo asks Meg why she wanted to kill the mercenaries. She tells him she wants revenge for the treatment and deaths the emperors have given her. Apollo tells her she should feel angry but to focus on the task at hand before they are taken prisoner by two Pandai. After she and Apollo are brought on board, she tells them she is Nero's stepdaughter and she wants to kill Caligula. They bring the four to an interrogation room and ask why she wants to kill the emperor. She tricks them into revealing the locations of the boots and Caligula before freeing herself and attacking the pandai. All but Crest are destroyed and she goes with Jason to find Caligula while Apollo and Piper find the shoes. She and Jason put up a fight before being captured and put in tornadoes in the emperor's throne room. She tries desperately to break free and tries to order Apollo not to stab himself. When the wind prisons weaken she is thrown overboard and Apollo asks Crest to find her.

She is found by Crest and brought to Piper's house. She comforts the daughter of Aphrodite and gives her ambrosia. When Jason's body is brought to them she orders Apollo to heal him with no success. They are found by Tristan and told to call 911 with a landline in the house. They call an ambulance and head back to Palm Springs. She tells Apollo Jason chose this fate to save them. They reach Aeitheles and tell the others of Jason’s death. She gets Grover to join them and, with Crest knowing another way into the burning maze, agree to head there in the morning.

The next day, she and Joshua are studying the seeds she and Apollo planted the day before. He tells them they are Meliai, the original dryads, and praises her and her father's efforts. She tells him to wake Crest and they meet up with Grover to drive to the entrance. They arrive at the old Los Angeles Zoo and find the entrance in a bear pit. It is locked but Grover opens it. She, Apollo and Grover go in while Crest keeps watch. They enter and she tells him to put on the shoes. Tiles on the floor start to glow and word puzzles appear. She tells him to ask the Arrow of Dodona and they proceed. Eventually, they reach a puzzle that refers to both a plane and Apollo’s dead boyfriend. The fallen god gets the answer wrong and the three fall after the floor vanishes dropping them in a pit of fire. She grabs Apollo's foot and tells him to listen next time. She stabs the wall while Apollo talks to the flames. When Helios lets them pass they move on. They reach the room Herophile is being kept in and reach her by continuing the prophecy. Before they can get more Medea arrives. She cuts the oracle free, but the chains ensnare Apollo and pull him down to his knees. She and Grover try to counter the sorceress's spell and she subdues two pandai, but they end up imprisoned in a twister. After Piper kills Medea, she and Grover are freed. She is pleased with the Meliai, who swear to serve her every wish. She notices the message in Apollo's prophecy spells out BELLONAS DAUGHTER. The room starts to collapse and they make it out, only to be surrounded by Incitatus and a dozen pandai, who are quickly killed by the Meliai, they head to Palm Springs.

They reach her old home and she is greeted by Joshua with a hug. Meg tells the elder dryads to plant themselves by the cistern. That night Grover leaves for Camp Half-Blood and she and Apollo say goodbye to him. In the morning, she tells Apollo to follow her. Her old house had been rebuilt by the dryads to an almost exact copy of the original. They request that the daughter of Demeter stays, but she says she wants to stay with Apollo. They drive to an airfield in Santa Monica Beach and meet up with Piper, who gives them the plane while she, her father and the Hedges drive to Oklahoma. Just then Leo Valdez and Festus arrive. After informing them about Caligula's attack on Camp Jupiter, she and Apollo fly to the Bay Area, promising not to let their deaths be in vain.

The Tyrant's Tomb

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Shortly after flying out of Santa Monica, she and Apollo land in the Oakland Airport and find a hearse waiting for them. Jason‘s coffin is loaded into the back and she rides shotgun. As they drive to camp, she enjoys the nature along the way. However they are attacked by an Eurynomos and she orders him to swerve of the road. She has the trees they fall into break their fall. Apollo tells her not to go near it as a scratch will turn her into a zombie. The daughter of Demeter tries to keep it from eating Jason's corpse but is to weak to do anything. She and Apollo, and Jason, are soon saved by the Roman Lavinia and they go to camp. She, Apollo, Lavinia, and Don, a faun Lavinia made help them, carry the son of Jupiter's coffin just as they hear a second eurynomos. The four make it to a secret entrance to camp and the girls stand guard while the guys carry the coffin. They are met by Lavinia's centurion and co-centurion Hazel Levesque just as the second eurynomos, along with a third, finds them. They fight them off which the daughter of Demeter clutches Jason's diagrams in one arm and slices one of the eurynomos' arms of. After Hazel kills the last one and learns who died, they solemnly head to camp.

They make it to Camp Jupiter and meet with the praetors Frank Zhang and Reyna Ramírez-Arellano. After Apollo informs them of everything that happened, the two are allowed to stay as guests. He is taken to a spare room above Bombilo's coffee shop due to being the closest location for herbs he needed to be healed and the daughter of Demeter stayed with him, and started drinking coffee. Meg feels uneasy at Camp Jupiter because it reminds her of living with Nero. She tells him he has been out for a day and a half and that Jason‘s funeral is that night. Frank then arrives and tells them to go to Tyson and Ella to discuss the prophecy from the burning maze. However she ops out in favor of helping Lavinia feed the unicorns.

During the funeral, she stands with the Fifth Cohort as they act as honor guard, mouthing your late to Apollo when he and Frank arrive. She eats a hamburger during the feast and tel Apollo to keep his plans to himself in the Senate meet the next day.

Tyrant's Tomb Quest.jpg

The following morning she wakes him up and gives him a toga before they head to the Senate House. They sit with Lavinia and the two girls give each other a special handshake. When a quest is decided she is chose to go along with Apollo, Hazel, and Lavinia. The four have lunch on the bell tower of New Rome University as she does cartwheels and demands a unicorn. The four go there separate ways for the day and agree to meet up at the Field of Mars at sundown. She, Hazel, and Lavinia arrive to find Apollo speaking with Frank and the four set out. She talks with Lavinia during the hike and she and Hazel since sometimes evil is underground. After realizing the date 254 is really 500 BCE. They enter it in and go inside. As they make their way to Tarquin, she turns her blades into rings to keep hidden. When they reach the throne room they over hear plans to attack with the emperors and Tarquin calls them out. She charges at him, but he pushes her back with a wave of telekinetic force. When Hazel crushes the undead king they retreat and the daughter of Demeter creates a root latter to escape. When Gazel senses more enemy forces coming, Lavinia hands Apollo over to her and the daughter of Terpsichore points them in the right direction before going off to hold them off.

They take Apollo to the stables so that the camp's best healer, Pranjal, can heal him. She stays with him and takes him back to their room to freshen up and for food in the Mess Hall before meeting with Frank and Reyna. The praetors informs them that in order to summon the aid of the gods, they need to sacrifice one. As they discuss plans for a quest she eats jellybeans and feeds some to Aurum and Argentum.

When they return to their room, she tearfully explains that she thought she could cure him by taking out Tarquin. Apollo embraces her before she orders him to rest and she goes for dinner. The following day Apollo joins her and the Fifth Cohort for lunch and tells Lavinia he saw her mother's shoes. Apollo explains his dream of the destructive capabilities of the emperors, but she ignores it in favor of eating. After lunch she aids the First Cohort in weaponizing the unicorns.

The following morning Apollo meets up her and Reyna before heading out for the quest to Sutro Tower. She and the automatons run ahead of Apollo and Reyna when they arrive. As Apollo tells her about Peaches she reveals she sensed him but knew he was focused on helping the nature spirits. The three then climb the tower and she starts to smell roses, as they near the second platform they are attacked by a conspiracy of ravens. As Apollo tells the girls he turned the ravens black when they told him his pregnant girlfriend was cheating on him they scold him. After Apollo sings a bad Dean Martin song, the birds leave and they continue the climb. They reach the platform to find the shipping container and as she goes closer to it, her voice is cut off and the others can’t hear her. When Apollo goes and finds out who the god of silence is, he says Harpocrates wants to vaporize him. She and Reyna are shocked that Apollo bullied him. She notices that the crate is hooked up to the antenna by wires, theorizing they are used to extend the range of his silence inducement, and suggests they cut them, but Apollo says the doors must be opened as the prophecy states. They then have Apollo rip the chains off while Reyna boosted his strength. When Apollo opens the doors they all collapse under the anguish of Harpocrates' memories of bullying. She shows him happy memories of her father and of his death. Apollo tells her and Reyna to destroy the facses, ceremonial axes to represent status, of Commodus and Caligula to free him and weaken the emperors. She and Reyna destroy he axes and stop Harpocrates from killing Apollo by showing him memories of how he changed. After Harpocrates and the Oracle of Cumae willingly leave the world, she hears the ravens returning.

They fight them off and see the Julia Drusilla Yachts in the San Francisco Bay. She makes a beanstalk to slide down and passes out while Reyna and Apollo carry her to the truck. She wakes up when a Eurynomos attacks them and Reyna tells her and Apollo to drive while she fights. After driving of a cliff, she is next seen in a shopping cart being pushed by Apollo and taken into the woods when Lavinia arrives. The daughter of Terpsichore reveals she has a plan before leaving will an injured Reyna and the nature spirits. She and Apollo find another way back to Camp Jupiter.

She rents them public bikes and they reach camp via a passage Lavinia tells them about. They arrive in the middle of the war zone and take out a group of Khromandae and save the second cohort from a pack of Cynocephali. Larry sends two legionn, Carl and Reza to escort the two to Frank. When they arrive they see Frank and are soon greeted by Hazel on Arion. They are told by Terminus that zombies are attacking New Rome through the sewers. Hazel takes the two to Tyson and Ella on Temple Hill to perform the ritual. The girls drop him off and head to New Rome to help.

She runs into Apollo with her weaponized unicorns and they rush to the bookstore when they realize what the target is. They run into Hazel along the way and inform her of what happened. They get to the bookstore to find Tarquin interrogating Aristophanes on the whereabouts of the Sibylline Books. When the undead king forces Apollo to reveal the location of Tyson and Ella, she tries to stop him but is to slow. When he fails to summon his minions she and Hazel take him and his forces. When Diana arrives she finishes the rest off. They exit the bookstore and the goddess complements her. She and Peaches share a tearful reunion. At the senate meeting she cheers when Reyna resigns from the legion to join the Hunters of Artemis, when Hazel is voted to takes the daughter of Bellona's place as praetor, and when Lavinia is selected to replace the daughter of Pluto as centurion of the Fifth Cohort. She reveals that she and Apollo plan to head out in the morning and the two are given gifts. Apollo is given his bow from when he was a god and the daughter of Demeter is given a pouch of seeds.

In the morning, they say their goodbyes to their friends and head to Tyson and Ella to receive a prophecy. After hearing it and realize where they must go, she is unnerved but accepts they must go to Nero's tower.

The Tower of Nero

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Meg being "captured" by Luguselwa.

As she and Apollo take the Amtrak from Washington, D.C. to New York City, Apollo sees an Amphisbaena that he thinks is watching them, but she tells him to ignore it. As they enter New Jersey they are captured by Nero's forces, she recognizes one of them as Luguselwa and they take them to the concessions car and she tells them to use the bathroom as they enter New York. Lu explains Nero used the Oracle of Delphi to know that they were coming to the city and had guards at every station and port. As they cross the state line, Lu escorts her and Apollo to the bathroom and the daughter of Demeter has a mock sword fight with her former mentor while Apollo holds the car doors shut and unhooks the cars. She happily walks with Lu as they trudge through the maintenance tunnels and orders Apollo to come. They emerge from a manhole on the Upper East Side. When the daughter of Demeter realizes they are near Percy's apartment, she suggests they go to him for help while Apollo is against it, but reluctantly agrees to go after speaking with the Arrow of Dodona.

They arrive to find that Percy has left for the west coast a few days ago with his friends bet Sally invites them to stay for dinner and they accept. They tell their hosts about their travels and plan their next move. Lu suggests they find a small assault team of demigods to sneak in through a secret door as she and Apollo distract Nero by surrendering, as if he does not find them the god-emperor will destroy the city and anywhere they were harbored. The following morning after breakfast the go to a ten-floor apartment building across from one of Nero's properties. Once inside Lu explains they will have a mock fight before Apollo throws the Gaul off the roof. She is given a coin for the Chariot of Damnation and the put the plan in motion. However Lu takes things to far and stabs her in the thigh. Apollo throws the Gaul ten blocks and they rush to the ground. She summons the Gray Sisters and, after Apollo proves he is who he says he is, they head to Camp Half-Blood. She enjoys the ride while Apollo finds it disorienting. Upon arriving at Camp, they are greeted by Dionysus, who takes the long way around camp boasting that Apollo is his new assistant, Mr. A, much to the daughter of Demeter's annoyance as she sees Apollo as her assistant. When they reach the Big House, she and Apollo are greeted by Will Solace and Nico di Angelo, who the wine god says are terrible at Pinochle, while she says she can play, catching the wine god's attention. She comforts Nico when they silently confirm the son of Jupiter's death and they take each other's hands, however the son of Hades senses something in her that scares him and he runs away. Apollo soon passes out. The following morning she joins her half-siblings as they head to breakfast as Peaches goes with her. When Apollo and Will are called to the head table, she joins them as Dionysus pulls out a letter detailing Nero's plan to burn the city as she explains the plan Lu gave them as the others question the Gaul's loyalty. They diciest the prophecy as Nico offers to contact his "friends" and they decide to meet up with Rachel Elizabeth Dare in a day. She and Apollo are given the day off to rest for the task at hand. She spends the gardening with her siblings and meets up with Apollo later on to talk about their worries of slipping into their old selves once they reach the tower. In the morning, she meets up with Apollo, Nico, and Will as they meet up with Argus to drive them to Brooklyn.

Argus drops them off a block away from Rachel's house and she bring them in as she tells them the cows are watching. She brings them to her room and Meg helps herself to a drink. Rachel shows them the cattle cars packed livestock that arrived two days ago and the animals have not been given any food or water. Rachael called the authorities but they didn't see the cows. They then discuss Nero. Rachel pulls out blueprints of the tower and confirms that the fasces is on a heavily fortified floor in the central portion of the building, a floor she was never allowed on, and joyfully says Lu was right, before learning something is guarding it. They also discuss the heavily guarded and fortified filtration system underneath the tower that they think will pump Greek Fire into the sewer system that will burn everything but the tower. After Nico mentions he knows of some Troglodytes who can tunnel into the pumping system without anyone knowing and Rachel insists on coming with them, the oracle utters a prophecy in python's words before passing out a the cattle break into the property. They get away on foot with the daughter of Demeter supporting Rachel until she can walk on her own. They escape the mansion just as it collapses and make their way to a construction site with a fifty foot pit. They jump onto a crane as some of the cattle, which Apollo recognizes as the troglodytes natural enemy the Tauri Sylvestres, fall into the pit and choke to death on their anger. the daughter of Demeter is upset by this as they quest how they can escape and if Nero is coming for them. Nico sees some shadows in the pit and thin he can get them out of there via Shadow Travel. When they reach the shadows, Nico reveals he can only take two at a time. She and Apollo volunteer to stay behind to fight one of the bulls as it slides down and the son of Hades takes Will and Rachel first. They fight it until a second goes into the pit and she leaves it to Apollo as she goes after the new arrival. Just as more start to come down, Nico returns to take them to safety.

They arrive in a spacious cavern and, as the son of Hades regains his energy, they talk about their worries and how they only have a few hours to surrender if they follow Lu's plan. When Nico wakes up he takes them to the troglodytes and informs them not the touch their weapons. As Will reluctantly glows to give them light, Nico announces their presents and they are soon surrounded as one of the trogs, the leader Screen-Bling, asks if she and the others are offerings. He tells him no and brings out a skink as an offering instead. Screech-Bling accents this and takes them back to camp. She speaks with Apollo and Rachel while Nico talks with Screech-Bling as they await dinner. She listens as Rachel suggests having the campers mount an attack on the tower to by the troglodytes time to dismantle the filtration system. Apollo reluctantly agrees as they are called to dinner. As they eat they are given hats with the daughter of Demeter is given a beekeepers hat. Apollo and Rachel make a case for the trogs to help them and they agree. However the forest bulls find them and their hosts become enraged. She is pulled to a nearby river by a troglodyte, Grr-Fred, as Apollo joins them and the three jump in. Grr-Fred pulls them out and, after resting for a few seconds, he digs a tunnel and collapses it once they arrive at their destination. He points them to a stair case leading to a subway station close to Nero's tower and leaves. After steeling herself, the daughter of Demeter orders Apollo to the surface. They enter the tower and inform a guard they are there to surrender. He sends them up and a dryad named Areca takes them to the throne room. When they come face to face with Nero, he reveals he knows Lu let them escape and has the pair restrained and Lu thrown to the ground. Her adoptive father reveals that he is going to burn the city and have her and her eleven foster siblings take the roles of the Olympians. He also reveals he knows of Camp Half-Blood’s attack. Nero orders one of his other adoptive children, a boy named Cassius, to take her rings and orders him to chop off Lu’s hands. Her foster brother obeys as she screams. Meg is sentenced to "re-education" as Apollo and Lu are placed in a cell.

She is locked in her room with a maid and a Germani, the daughter of Demeter trashes her room as the maid asks her to pick an outfit for the party. Seconds later Nero arrives and talks with her. Meg listens as he pins the blame of Apollo’s capture and Lu’s double amputation on him and she struggles with denying his words and fighting the mental abuse and manipulation. When the tower comes under attack, she is moved to the throne room as Nero prepares to gas the lower levels. When Apollo goes to the throne room, she is brought out and Nero asks her to sit with him, she refuses and he recomposes himself before asking her to gas the lower levels. When she says she can’t, Nero says he understands and tells her that Apollo's current situation is her fault. He has one of the dryads in the room burned so the others will attack Apollo. As the others are about to be burned, she unleashes her power and extinguishes the torches and the dryads flee. She runs over to Apollo and stands up to Nero, calling out his abusive behavior as she tosses her rings aside. Moments later a dead forest bull controlled by Nico breaks down the doors and a fight breaks out. She takes on Aemillia as Nero finds the remote to gas the tower. She obtains a sword and shield as she fights her foster siblings and, when Nero finds the right remote, she watches as he pushes it and nothing happens. Soon Will, Rachel, Lu, and Screech-Bling arrive with the fasces and inform them the gas has been disabled and she tells her siblings that Nero is now powerless. When her foster father is ordered to surrender, he attacks. She manages to get her adoptive siblings to stop fighting and stand down. She watches as Apollo and Nero fight over the fasces and witnesses Nero die. She comforts her adoptive siblings before going over to Apollo and fixing him up quickly as they say their goodbyes before he goes to face Python. The daughter of Demeter hugs him and orders him to come back before going back to her foster family.

After the battle she goes back to Palm Springs with Lu and her foster siblings. Two weeks later, she is visited by Apollo and they spent the day talking, he promises that he will always be there for the daughter of Demeter and she he leaves she asks for a unicorn and he grants her request.


When Apollo first met Meg in The Hidden Oracle, he described her as "small and pudgy", with dark hair chopped in a "messy pageboy" style. She wore black cat-eye glasses with rhinestones in the corners, and her outfit made Apollo think she was dressed like a traffic light: red sneakers, yellow tights, and a green tank dress. He also described her voice as "bossy and nasal".

After Sally Jackson cleaned up Meg and dressed her in more appropriate clothes, Apollo realized that she was a shockingly pretty young girl: her dark pageboy hair shone glossy from being brushed, her round face was scrubbed clean of grime, her cat-eye glasses were polished, and she wore new black leggings and a knee-length frock of shifting green hues, along with two gold rings that could transform into two Imperial Gold siccae blades. She also had an elfish springtime aura that reminded Apollo of dryads, and he noted that there was actually a resemblance between her and his first true love, Daphne.

By the time of The Tower of Nero, Meg's pageboy hairstyle has started to grow out and she has changed her outfit. She now wears green jean and a unicorn T-shirt she got at Camp Jupiter in place of her dress and leggings. When Nero readies to burn down the city, her hair is restyled into a pixie cut.


Meg is brash but playful and often somewhat rude. She can also be tough and easily defends herself, such as when she fended off Cade and Mikey. Apollo describes some of the things she does as “Because Meg”. However, she also hides the more fearful side of herself. In fact, she is terrified of Nero to the point where she obeys him sourly out of fear of herself getting hurt or even worse. She closes up when people ask her personal questions. She is very protective of her past and usually doesn't tell anyone about it unless she wants to. She is also straight to the point and doesn't hide what she wants to say.

Later on, Meg becomes more willing to open herself to emotions, as shown when she saves Apollo from the water snakes in The Oracle of Trophonius through sharing her memories in a heartbreaking song, and pushes past what she is comfortable with to rescue him. Here, Meg is almost selfless as she sacrifices herself even though she isn't prepared for the Oracle and didn't drink from the Lethe and Mnemosyne.

She also demonstrates a sadistic and vengeful side. When going after Caligula, she wants to kill the immortal emperor for destroying his home.


As observed by Apollo, even for a child of Demeter (one of the six oldest Olympians), Meg was a remarkably powerful demigod, enough to warrant constant supervision. Nero himself trusted Meg with dangerous missions not just due to her fear of him, but also because of her strong powers and exceptional intelligence.

  • Dyslexia: Meg's brain is "hard-wired" for Ancient Greek as opposed to modern English. However, as revealed in The Burning Maze, Meg is unable to read Ancient Greek.
  • ADHD: Meg has inborn battle reflexes.
  • Blade Proficiency: Meg is skilled in wielding her Siccae Blades.
  • Obedience Inducement (formerly): After meeting Apollo, Meg claimed him to let him become her servant, forcing the god to obey her every order. This ability is lost once Apollo becomes a god again.

  • Chlorokinesis: As a daughter of Demeter, Meg has absolute control over plants, manipulating them to a multitude of effects. This power, combined with Apollo's, allowed her to open the Grove of Dodona.
    • Plant Telekinesis: She is able to telekinetically manipulate fruits and vegetables, thus saving Apollo from two thugs.
    • Plant Sensitivity: She can sense the location of various plants with superhuman precision. This is seen when she was able to quickly detect the odor of a golden apple in the Labyrinth. She later claims to have the ability to "hear" trees growing.
    • Plant Growth Acceleration: She can make plants grow more faster than normal or even in enormous proportions.
    • Plant Teleportation: She can teleport using plants similar to how Nico di Angelo can teleport using shadows although her control over this power is unknown.
    • Plant Scrying: She can use plants to scry and dowse for other things such as the Throne of Memory and the Slaves of Commodus.
    • Wood Sensitivity: She can sense the location of wood with superhuman precision, as she do in The Dark Prophecy.
  • Culinary Arts: As a daughter of Demeter, Meg is a natural cook.
  • Karpoi Summoning: As a daughter of Demeter, Meg is able to summon Karpoi, like when she summoned Peaches.
  • Satyr Summoning: As a daughter of Demeter, Meg is able to summon Saytrs, like when she summoned Grover with a tomato patch.
  • Memory Sharing: For some reason, Meg was able to share her memories of her growing up with her real father with Apollo. How she did this was unknown, even to Apollo.

  • Magical Items

    • Twin Siccae Blades: Meg was given Imperial Gold siccae blades by Nero that can change into rings that have Crescent symbols.
    • Gardening Belt: Meg has a gardening belt that she keeps seeds for battles in.
    • Seed Pouch: After the Battle of San Francisco Bay, she is given a pouch filled with ancient seeds from the camp’s greenhouses as a reward.


    Love Interest

    Percy Jackson

    Percy talked about trying to pass his classes and he mentioned Annabeth helping him. Meg asked Percy who Annabeth was and he told her Annabeth was his girlfriend, then Meg frowned and lost interest.


    Meg appears to have a crush of the male dryad as she eyes him whenever she is at Aeithales with him and becomes nervous when he hugs her. After Apollo interrupted their conversation, she looked annoyed at him.


    When Apollo was talking about Commodus in The Dark Prophecy, Meg described Commodus as handsome.


    Meg was close to her father and had a loving relationship with him. She was devastated when he was killed and blamed herself. In reality, Nero was the one responsible for her father's death. However, Nero blamed the death of Philip, her father, on the Beast and convinced Meg that the Beast was a side of Nero he could not control.

    Demeter, Meg’s mother.

    While they have never met, the goddess of the harvest has acknowledged Meg for her fighting abilities. She has stated that her daughter did a good job in handling Apollo as a servant after Triumvirate Holdings were taken down and the Oracles were freed.

    Nero, Meg’s step-father and tormentor.

    Nero took in the daughter of Demeter when she was six. Meg is terrified of the god-emperor and obeys him solely out of fear.

    However, she eventually builds up the courage to escape from him and joins up with Apollo, showing how she has come to see Nero as the manipulative abuser he truly is.

    After learning she would have to return to Nero's Tower to take him out, she agrees to the task. When they do meet face to face, he tries to manipulate her to some success, but the daughter of Demeter eventually stands up to his and manages to turn the rest of her adoptive siblings against Nero.


    Apollo, her friend and servant.

    Apollo and Meg are very close friends, and Apollo is probably the first true friend Meg ever had.

    Meg was ordered by Nero to pretend to befriend Apollo to get information about Camp Half-Blood, and they first met in an alley in Manhattan. Meg defended Apollo from Cade and Mikey. Apollo, in his desperation, told Meg about his situation and Meg and put him under her service until he became a god again. They both went to Camp together and slowly became true friends. Apollo was annoyed at Meg first but he grew to care for her and find her endearing. Meg, on the other hand, found him annoying, but stuck by his side.

    When Meg was captured by Myrmekes, Apollo immediately felt guilty and wanted to go save her, going to find her immediately after Nico and Will started healing him, and Apollo sang his deepest and darkest struggles and even admitted how he was not a good person, just to save her. Meg was reduced to tears in guilt after realizing she cared for him and how upset he would be at her betrayal.

    Apollo found out about Meg’s betrayal at the Grove of Dodona and was upset, never suspecting Meg at doing something like that. He was more upset about how Nero treated her and pleaded to Meg about how he was a bad person and to come with him. Meg believed some of what Apollo said and helped release some of the campers, but went with Nero and released Apollo. Apollo was heartbroken over Meg but was determined to get her back. Apollo was also furious of the abuse Meg endured and compared it to his experiences with Zeus and his Master Bolt

    In The Dark Prophecy, Apollo was still determined to find her and rings her back. Meg eventually ran away from Nero and saved Apollo and Calypso from Lityerses. Apollo was overjoyed to see her and brought her back to the Waystation. Meg sobbed into Apollo’s shirt, and Apollo was content to be annoyed by her again. Apollo even thanked Meg for rescuing her, something hard for gods to do. When they got back, Apollo tried to talk to her about everything and tell her that she didn’t need to apologize, but Meg kept telling him to stop, smiling. Later, Leo Valdez, Apollo, and Meg went to Commodus’s palace and Apollo told Meg about how he killed Commodus, and was surprised when Meg didn’t resent him for that.

    Meg and Apollo then went to the cave of Trophonius to get the next prophecy, and Meg watched over him and protected him when he went senile. Meg sang all of her worries and her traumatic past to save him from the snakes, and Apollo saw into her memories with Nero, and was horrified at what happened to her father. Meg ended up getting the prophecy unprepared, and Apollo tried to shield her from the chaos, giving her mouth to mouth and going into her consciousness, seeing the events from her perspective. Apollo brought her back to the Waystation and was happy when she healed.

    In The Burning Maze, the two spent a few days together in the labyrinth and ended up in Aethiales. Meg was upset to be there, and Apollo tried to comfort her, and Meg pulled him in to her memories, showing her how her old life was destroyed by Caligula. Apollo tried to be more careful around her after that, trying not to mention how Caligula was stronger than Nero. Meg also wanted to kill Caligula, but Apollo tried to tell her to admit that hurting him, to her, was easier than hurting Nero.

    Later, when Meg and Jason Grace were captured by Caligula, Apollo was furious, and stabbed himself with the Arrow of Dodona so he could die instead of them. After that, when the two were leaving for Camp Jupiter, Meg reassured him that everything would be all right in the end.

    In The Tyrant's Tomb, their friendship is as strong as ever, and they are very close. The two joke about each other, and Meg tells Hazel Levesque that Apollo didn’t whine as much as he used to. Meg was very worried when Apollo got poisoned by the Eurynomos, and protected him against Tarquin, carrying him back to camp with Hazel. Meg later was so worried that she cried to him, and Apollo hugged her, feeling guilty he didn’t comfort her sooner.

    When the two and Reyna Ramírez-Arellano went to Sutro Tower, Meg was horrified when she learned the horrible things he did, but still knew that he had changed and showed Harpocrates that, showing how close they had become.

    Leo Valdez, who aided her in Indianapolis.

    Meg first met Leo in The Dark Prophecy. Throughout the second half of the book, Meg travels alongside him, Calypso, and Apollo to fulfill the prophecy of the Grove of Dodona.

    The daughter of Demeter has earned the respect of the son of Hephaestus, with him feeling she is a good fighter.

    Piper McLean, who joined her during her time in Southern California.

    Meg first met Piper in The Burning Maze. When the daughter of Aphrodite learned of Meg losing her father and her first home to Triumvirate Holdings, she hugged Meg and, much to Apollo's surprise, the daughter of Demeter thanked her.

    Both girls work well together in combat, holding their own against Medea and her sun dragons.

    Jason Grace, who sacrificed himself to save Meg and their teammates.

    Despite only knowing the son of Jupiter for less then a day, the daughter of Demeter greatly admires him. After his death, she safeguarded his diagrams for Temple Hill with her life, going as far as fighting off two euryonomos with only one hand while using the other hand to keep it safe.

    During his funeral, she acted as honor guard along with Jason's former cohort.

    Lavinia Asimov, her friend during her stay at Camp Jupiter.

    During her stay at Camp Jupiter, Meg grew close to close to the daughter of Terpsichore. They two bonded by questing together and and tending to the Unicorns and worked will with one another during the Quest to Tarquin's Tomb. When the daughter of Demeter left camp, she and the daughter of Terpsichore hugged each other goodbye, demonstrated the close bond they formed in just over a week.


    • Margaret is a feminine given name derived from the French name Marguerite, which is derived from the Latin name Margarita, which is derived from the Greek name Margarites, meaning "pearl".
    • McCaffrey is an Irish surname that is angilisised from the Gaelic surname Mac Garfraidh, meaning "son of Garfraidh".


    • Much like Luke Castellan, Meg is revealed to be a double agent of the series' main antagonist (Kronos and Nero respectively) near the end of the first book in one of the Camp Half-Blood series (The Lightning Thief and The Hidden Oracle respectively). However, it should be noted that unlike Luke, Meg was shown to be quite apologetic and hesitant when it came to her true allegiance.
    • Meg is the second demigod known to wear glasses, the first being Jason Grace.
    • She had a brief crush on Percy Jackson, but lost interest when he said he had a girlfriend.
    • Meg is the first demigod child of Demeter to be a main character in a series.
    • Meg is the first known demigod to befriend a karpos (Peaches).
    • Ironically, even being a daughter of Demeter, she is allergic to oaks.
    • She is the third known Greek Demigod to use imperial gold weapons, the other two being Chrysaor and Alabaster C. Torrington.
    • Meg is described as being a descendant of Plemnaeus, who in mythology is a grandson of Poseidon. While never stated outright in the series, this would make Meg a legacy of Poseidon in addition to being a daughter of Demeter.
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