He's so goatly.

–Mellie talking about Gleeson Hedge.

Mellie is a cloud nymph and the wife of Gleeson Hedge and mother of Chuck Hedge. She is currently the assistant of Tristan McLean.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Gleeson Hedge

Gleeson Hedge, her husband

Aeolus GP

Aeolus, her former boss

Mellie first appears when Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, Piper McLean, and Coach Hedge arrive at Aeolus's floating palace and introduces herself as his personal assistant. Mellie seems offended when Jason asks her if she was a ghost, but the problem was solved by Piper as she says Jason mistook her for Helen of Troy, and Mellie seems to blush. She shows signs of liking Coach Hedge, but continues to escort them to Aeolus and floats over a large hole in the floor as she forgot that the group couldn't fly. When Aeolus says that Jason was here last year, Jason asks Mellie for confirmation. She does not know, however, as she was only hired about twelve hours ago, but was still working there longer than most.

When Aeolus received an order from an unknown being to kill the group, he apologized and tried to kill them. Mellie had stepped in, however, allowing them to escape, thus resulting in her being fired by Aeolus. Now she works for Piper's father Tristan as his personal assistant and is in a relationship with Coach Hedge.

The Mark of Athena

When Leo Valdez and Hazel Levesque  meet the crazed nymphs that were watching Narcissus , a nymph says, "did you hear about the cloud nymph and the satyr!", indicating Mellie and Coach Hedge

The House of Hades

It is revealed that Mellie now lives at Camp Half-Blood and married Hedge before the Argo II set sail. It is revealed that she is pregnant with his child, in a "delicate condition."

The Trials of Apollo

The Burning Maze

She greets Grover and Apollo when they arrive at Aeithales. She tells them her husband has not returned and asks the two to find him while she watches Meg. After they return she greets and scolds her husband. After she learns the identity of the third emperor, she hints that Jason Grace and Piper McLean might know more. However she refuses to take them.

She sits in on a meeting to decide Apollo’s next course of action.

When Apollo and Meg return they tell of Jason’s death she and Hedge head to Malibu to help a grieving Piper. She is seen at the airfield in Santa Monica and tells the other she and her family will be going with the McLeans to Oklahoma.


Mellie is petite and has dark slowly flowing hair, brown eyes, with pointed ears, and a timeless face. She carries a white IPad type device, wears a white dress, and is said to be ghost-like due to being partially transparent.


  • Aerokinesis - As an aura, Mellie can control and therefore manipulate the air and wind like she does in The Lost Hero.


  • Nymphs mostly tend not to like satyrs, but Mellie, like Juniper, is an exception.
  • She was thought to be a ghost by Jason Grace on their first meeting, a common mistake made by people who see wind nymphs.
  • Aurai (or anybody for that matter) don't last long as Aeolus' assistants; however, Mellie lasted longer than most, at around twelve hours.
  • She was also thought to have been an Aura, yet it is stated by Apollo that she is a cloud nymph
The Trials of Apollo
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