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Mission Accomplished!

–Mimi after stealing the ancile, Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio’s Journal.

Mimi is a Roman demigod daughter of Mefitis, the goddess of noxious vapours. She is the mastermind behind the Misfortunes at Camp Jupiter, which she conducted as revenge for the legion kicking her out due to her uncontrollable foul smell over two decades prior. She is the main antagonist of Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio's Journal.


Early Life

Mini was born to Mefitis, the goddess of noxious vapors, and an unnamed mortal.

When she was a child, she went to train at the Wolf House and survived Lupa's training before being sent south to Camp Jupiter in the Bay Area.

Life at Camp and Exile

Mimi arriving at Camp Jupiter.

When she arrived she was denied entrance by Terminus due to her smell. Just then a centurion arrived and convinced him to let her in, only to be shocked at who her godly parent was.

She was met with disdain from her fellow campers due to her smell and was soon forced out of camp because of it. She eventually found employment at a nearby dump.

Revenge on Camp Jupiter

Over two decades later, Mimi formulated a plan to exact revenge on Camp Jupiter. She enlisted the help of a young faun named Elon to steal an ancile that powered Roman civilization and planned to it destroy the place that wronged her.

The Trials of Apollo

Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio's Journal

Mimi is first seen in Claudia's dream, when she was stopped from entering camp by Terminus, the god of borders, on account of her body odor and soon leaving camp. The newcomer also sees the daughter of Mefitis leave.

She is heard talking to Elon in a bathroom about the heist. After she successfully obtained the ancile, she planned to destroy it in the compactor. However, her plan is thwarted by Claudia, Janice and Blaise as they ambush her and take the shield before she could destroy it.


Mimi is a woman with long wavy hair and a stocky build.


Mimi is a vengeful woman who is willing to take down an entire civilization to achieve her revenge.

Fatal Flaw

Her fatal flaw is most likely wrath.


  • Stench Generation: As a daughter of Mefitis, Mimi can generate a strong foul-smelling odor similar to rotting eggs. However, she has no control over this ability.


  • Mimi is a nickname for “Miriam”, a feminine given name of Hebrew origin.


  • Mimi is the second former member of the Twelfth Legion Fulminata to act as an antagonist, the first being Bryce Lawrence.
  • Her uncontrollable foul smell is similar to Trimethylaminuria, an incurable disorder where the sufferer emanates a foul odor.
The Trials of Apollo
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