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Mimir (pronounced "ME-meer"), also spelled as Mímir, is one of the oldest Norse gods, as well as the guardian of the Well of Knowledge. He was beheaded by the Vanir, during their conflict with the Aesir. Afterward, the god Odin carried around Mímir's head and it recited secret knowledge and counsel to him. Hearth and Blitz used to work for Mímir, until being released from their service by Odin.


Post Aesir-Vanir War and Beheading

During the Aesir-Vanir War, the two sides finally decided to establish a truce. The exchanged hostages; the Vanir sent to Asgard Njord and his son, Frey, while the Aesir gave Honir and Mímir.

Upon arrival, Honir was made chief of the Vanir, with Mímir as his adviser. However, when Honir was at meetings without Mímir by his side, he wasn't able to make any decision. This made the Vanir suspicious of being cheated in the exchange, so they seized Mimir, beheaded him, and sent the head back to Asgard. Odin took the head of Mímir to Jotunheim and soaked it in the Well of Knowledge, flowing around the roots of Yggdrasil. The water brought the head back to to life, embalmed it with herbs and used its magic to give the head the power to speak to him. Mímir then became Odin's closest adviser.

In the Series

When Magnus was fourteen, just after his mother was killed by Fenris Wolf. Mímir told Hearth and Blitz to watch over him.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

When Magnus, Hearth, Blitz, and Sam are looking for the Sword of Summer and a way to stop Surt from unleashing Fenris Wolf from his prison, Blitz suggests asking Capo as he has a bowling ball bag. Inside turns out to be Mímir's head in its resting state. After throwing it into a lagoon, the head comes back to life and talks to Magnus. He tells them his story before saying that the Fenris Wolf's island is only accessible on the first full moon of the year. He offers them to know where the sword is in exchange for their service but they decline. He then disappears.

A week later, Odin freed Hearth and Blitz after the Fenris Wolf was rebound.

The Hammer of Thor

After Magnus is decapitated, he dreams of Mimir speaking to Blitzen and Hearthstone.

9 from the Nine Worlds

This Little Light of Mine, I’m Going to Let It Shine

He leads Blitzen to a seedy bar and tells him that the dwarf Alviss is planning to kill Thor for petrifying him and tasks Blitz to save the thunder god without him knowing.

The Trials of Apollo

The Tower of Nero

Due to a mutual problem of some sort, Chiron has a joint task force meeting with two acquaintances of his from other pantheons. One is described as a severed head, presumably Mimir.


Mímir is shown to be a manipulative and cunning strategist.


Being a head alone, Mímir has grey, wrinkly skin, a tuft of reddish hair and dark, sunken eyes when closed. After being submerged in any water his skin gets smooth and turns pink.


  • Immense Knowledge: After soaking in the waters of Yggdrasil, Mímir's knowledge has been vastly increased, according to Blitzen, to the point that Mimir is wiser than even Odin himself.


  • Mímir likes to call himself Odin's consigliere which is a term used to describe an adviser to the boss of the mafia.
    • Oddly enough, Hearth and Blitz call him capo (Italian for 'head', or 'boss'), which, in mafia, is a rank placed lower than the consigliere.
  • His name Mimir means The Rememberer.
  • His Greek counterpart is Mnemosyne, Lady of Remembrance and Titaness of Memory.
  • In mythology, there is also a different version of Mímir's story which differs slightly from the version shown in the book: Mímir was a mysterious, old Jotunn, who lived in Jotunheim, near the roots of Yggdrasil. He was drinking from the Well every day, to increase his knowledge. One day, Odin found the Well and asked Mímir for the permission to drink from it. As compensation, the All-Father gave his eye to the Jotunn. Drinking from the Well allowed Odin to discover the Runes.
  • Mimir is acquaintances and possibly friends with Chiron the centaur.
  • Mimir claims to invented thing like straws, baseball caps, and pillows.


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