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Mina Aziz is the mother of Sikander and Mo Aziz, and the wife of Mr. Aziz.


Mina is from Iraq. She met Mr. Aziz when they attended the same university. When their home was destroyed, the fled to the United States as refugees, where they were helped out by Mr. Khan. They eventually started up their own deli and had a second son.

City of the Plague God

When Nergal and his demons are breaking into Mo's Mina is told by Mr. Aziz to get a spare set of keys to open the door to help Sik. After the fight and everyone is gone, he finally gets through the door by smashing is with a fire extinguisher. Mr. Aziz barges in with Mina at his side and Daoud cowering behind them. Mr. Aziz scolds Sik for fighting Nergal, while Mina hugs Sik to make him feel better. After the police come and look over the damage, she and Sik clean up the dead bugs and rotted food while her husband calls the insurance company. When Sik says he is fine, she makes him go to school. Later that day, she and her husband became sick and they are taken to Manhattan General where they are quarantined and put in medically induced comas.

As they rest, they dream of their sons in Kurnugi searching for the Flower of Immortality. Their eldest tells them to hang on for Sik and they wake up a day later. About a month later she and her family are getting ready for the deli's reopening, she and Daoud are arranging flowers inside.

The Cursed Carnival and Other Calamities: New Stories About Mythic Heroes

The Loneliest Demon

When a demon requests her son fight her to the death, she comforts Rabisu after she crashes into trash cans. She encourages Sik to help the demon, who she calls a djinn. She and her family serve a packed deli. After a failed attempt, she says Sik has done the impossible before when saying getting Rabisu home is impossible. After her son stops the Anunnu from getting into their realm, she freaks out upon seeing his charred body, shaving what is left of his hair.

City of the Plague God
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