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Yamini Kapoor-Mercado-Lopez (Mini) is Aru's Pandava sister. She is the reincarnation of Yudhistira, and her name (Yamini) means “starry night” in Hindi.

Rick Riordan Presents

Pandava Quintet

Aru Shah and the End of Time

One day, Mini discovered her parents frozen on the couch when they were watching a movie on the television screen. His brother was in the middle of tossing a basketball into the air but was also frozen, that's because the Sleeper had frozen time. At first, Mini curled into a ball on the living room floor and cried, but after a few minutes she went upstairs and took out a backpack. She stared at herself in the mirror, reached for her mother’s eyeliner, and made violent swipes on her cheeks. Then Mini kissed her stiff parents, hugged her immobile brother, and went outside.

Aru Shah, her spiritual sister

She meets her spiritual sister Aru Shah, and Boo who tell her that she is a reincarnation of one of the Pandavas. She's already been to the Court of the Sky once before for her brother, the guardian Makara takes them to the Otherworld. When meeting the Council of Guardians, Urvashi decides that Mini and Aru should undergo the Claiming ceremony despite the protest of Hanuman. After they perform the pranama (which is toe-touching) on five statues, the one of Dharma Raja soon throws down his Danda shattering arrows that aimed at the girls and gives Mini a small purple compact. It's was discovered that Mini is the daughter of death and the reincarnation of Yudhistira. Mini was very upset by this, she was hoping her spiritual father would be one of the Ashvins, the gods of medicine. But Aru, daughter of Indra, comforts her saying that she call still go to medical school with the ability to sense death. It was there that Urvashi gives them their Quest: They must go to the Kingdom of Death and look in the Pool of the Past to find out how to vanquish the Sleeper and awaken the celestial weapons before he gets them first. If that happens, then he will awaken Shiva who will perform his cosmic dance and end time permanently.

Mini and Aru get mehendi on their hands to tell how much time they have, in order to get to the Kingdom of Death alive they have to find three keys. One of them is at a beauty salon owned by an Asura named Madame Bee. She looks like a beautiful woman, but Mini's compact reveals horrifying features like tusks and hair of fire. After Madame Bee attacks, she leaves handprints of ash making Aru realize that she Brahmasura reincarnated. During the battle Mini finds out that her compact can make allusions. She thwacks Brahmasura in the head and the asura touches her head and turns into ash, the heroines retrieve the first key from her person, the Sprig of Youth. But almost immediately after exit, the Sleeper attacks them. Boo decides that they should get a protection mantra from Valmiki, they do so and head for the Night Bazaar.

Once they get there from Costco, the trio follows a sign leading to the Ritus to get some new weapons and armor.

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Mini's eyes and hair were brown. There was an upswept tilt to her eyes. Her skin was light gold, like watered-down honey. She was four feet tall.

In Aru Shah and the Song of Death, she took to dressing in all black clothes and wearing black eyeliner, stating she intended to fully embrace her nature as a daughter of death.

Abilities and Tools

  • Pandava Mind Link: She can communicate telepathically with other Pandavas.

  • Death Flame: It is a glowing, black rose that makes it so one is never lost in the dark. She received this from Agni after she and her siblings satisfied his appetite.

  • Her compact staff

    • Danda of Dharma Raja: It is the four foot danda staff of her spiritual father, Dharma Raja, the god of Death and Justice. With it, she can cast illusions and spells of protection. However, she is not yet well versed with it and has trouble creating the spells. The danda turns into a compact mirror when she isn’t using it.
      • Force Field: She can put a force field around herself and others to protect against harm. She did this multiple times throughout Aru Shah and the Song of Death.
      • Invisibility: She can make herself and others invisible though it is difficult for her to do so.
      • Mirror Illusion: She can cast a force field around four people. Those from the outside will seem to be looking into a mirror. She used this to confuse and distract a horde of zombies.


    • Although she doesn't know if she's allergic or not, Mini is afraid of bees.
    • Mini's favorite book is The Golden Compass.
    • Mini has a Top Ten Ways I Don't Want To Die List. Number 1 is by halitosis and number 3 is by drowning.
    • Her favorite meal is pancit.
    • Mini has arachnophobia, much like the children of Athena.
    • Mini's brother was originally thought to be the Pandava in the family.
    • According to the Sleeper who listened to Mini's heartbeats, her father wears a cross beneath his shirt and an agimat necklace passed down from his family in the Philippines, her brother hides a photo of his soccer teammate beneath his pillow, and when she found it he swore her to secrecy, and her mother's hair smells like sandalwood.
    • According to Roshani Chokshi’s Instagram, her birthday is on February 29th, a leap year.
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