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So, the voices I heard from that grove . . . It's really an Oracle? Those trees can give us prophecies?

–Miranda to Apollo, in the Hidden Oracle

Miranda Gardiner is the greek demigod daughter of Demeter. She is the head counselor of her cabin when Katie Gardner is not around, as she is not a year-rounder. She is the current girlfriend of Sherman Yang

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

While waiting for the camp council to start, Lou Ellen from the Hecate's Cabin was playing "got-your-nose," except that Lou really had magically disconnected Miranda's nose from her face and she was trying to get it back. Thankfully, Chiron requested that Lou give Miranda's nose back so they could start the meeting.

During the camp council, Miranda is the counselor for the Demeter cabin, with no mention of what happened to Katie Gardner or how Miranda is the new head of her cabin.

The Blood of Olympus

Miranda is mentioned along with Katie Gardner trying to help calm the nature spirits.

Demeter, her mother.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

When Apollo holds a meeting with Chiron, the centaur told him about the disappearances. He listed Miranda as one of the more recent halfbloods who vanished.

Not long after, Kayla and Apollo find Sherman wandering into the woods. After chasing him down, he was in a daze, desperately calling for Miranda.

Apollo and Meg had managed to find the antechamber of the Grove of Dodona, where they came across Miranda, Cecil, Ellis, Austin, and Kayla, who were all bound like human tiki torches. Nero's intention was for them to burn in a fire, which would also consume the grove. He came close to lighting them up, but the blaze was miraculously snuffed out by nature spirits. Apollo freed Austin, and ordered him to cut the rest of the demigods free.

After Apollo exits the grove, Miranda and the rest of the taken demigods had been set free. He notices that Miranda was sobbing over the deaths of the dryads. When Miranda asks Apollo if she could see the grove, he cuts her off, declining, unwilling to lose another daughter of Demeter.

Afterwards, the team left the grove and traveled to the myrmekes' cave, where they persuaded the ants to escort them to camp. Miranda and the other demigods managed to arrive just as Colossus Neronis began attacking. Once there, Apollo ordered Miranda, Ellis Wakefield, and Cecil Markowitz to distract the automation while he worked on a plan to take it down.

Shortly after the automaton had been destroyed, Miranda had been reunited with her boyfriend Sherman. As the camp worked on recovering from the damage left by the Colossus, she was seen sitting near the remains of her destroyed cabin in the cold morning, causing daisies to pop out of the earth. Miranda is also present when Leo Valdez suddenly appeared on Festus. She had joined the line of demigods who were waiting to punch him. When she has her turn, Miranda warned Leo that they would kill him the next time he disappeared.

Camp Half-Blood Confidential

Miranda has her own point of view, explaining the origins of how strawberries became the camp's official crop.


Miranda is very compassionate towards other people. She presumably is patient and tolerant with them, since she maintained a relationship with Sherman Yang. Miranda deeply cares for other things such as nature and felt remorse for the nature spirits' deaths.

Chiron, during his meeting with Apollo, describes Miranda as a smart and powerful demigod, insisting that she wasn't foolish enough to be tricked to stray out of camp.

After the team's ride with the myrmekes, Miranda implies that she has a hatred towards bugs and insects, similar to her half-sister, Meg. The reason to this is due to the fact her mother is an agricultural goddess.


All that is known about her appearance is that she has green eyes, the color of new foliage, according to Apollo.


  • Chlorokinesis: As a daughter of Demeter, she has absolute control over plants.
  • Culinary Arts: As a daughter of Demeter, she's a natural cook.


  • While no explanation is given about how Miranda is the head counselor for her cabin, it can be assumed that Katie is not a year-rounder and only stays during the Summer.
  • Her last name "Gardiner" probably has to do with the fact that she is the daughter of the agricultural goddess, Demeter.
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