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No need to look so skeptical, I haven’t always been with you. You’d be surprised by the things I know if you even bothered to ask.

–Miv on revealing he knows where the Thunder Axe is in Pahua and the Soul Stealer.

Miv (pronounced "mee") is a snide talking cat that accompanies the titular Pahua in Pahua and the Soul Stealer. He is the son of Xov and an unnamed leopard spirit.


Miv was born to the god Xov and an unnamed leopard spirit. His mother left him at the doors of his father's palace when he was a child. Xov called him Mos, which meant "soft."

When Xov was imprisoned, Miv was sent to release the only warrior capable of liberating him, Shee Yee. After spending much of his energy, he managed to free the warrior from the Tree of Souls.

After freeing Shee Yee, Miv spent years trying to locate his reincarnation. He pulled favors and even had someone seek out Shao.

Miv eventually managed to find Pahua. He stayed with her for many years. As he watched over her, he grew to understand love and acceptance. Miv realized that he didn't have the heart to bring Pahua over to his father.

Over the years, he continued to guard over her. Miv often criticized and teased Pahua, but still cared for her deeply.

Pahua Moua series

Pahua and the Soul Stealer

As Pahua is getting ready for summer school, he comments how her shirt makes her look like an eggplant. When they get to school,he tells Pahua he can throw up on Hailey Jones and Jocelyn for mocking her. When June stands up for Pahua, he says she is alright. When Pahua joins other girls in exploring a haunted bridge, he urges her to leave when the ghost notices them and attacks. He is surprised by Pahua standing her ground, in reality she was frozen with fear, and they meet up with Matt Moua back at school before heading home.

After Matt develops a fever, he helps Pahua realize the bridge spirit is making her brother sick and they head back to the bridge to try and lure the spirit back. When Pahua rings the gong the water starts to bubble. A creature jumps out of the water and chases them. It rips him away from Pahua and throws him into a tree. They are saved by a shaman in training who introduces herself as Zhong and she and Miv say that creature was a Poj Ntxoog. After Zhong informs Pahua the spirit that effecting her brother was sent to the Spirit Realm, However Pahua mentions Matt is still sick and Zhong believes his soul was taken with her. Pahua panics as he says they have between three and seven days to save Matt.

After a quick detour to the apartment, he goes with the girls to an elephant statue in the town square. Zhong open a gateway into The Echo and they enter. He says it was a bad idea as they follow Zhong into the Echo. When they land, Zhong notices him and offers to send him back to the Spirit Realm, but Pahua refuses. They listen as Zheng tells them the story of Shao, the man they need to meet with in the Bamboo Nursery. However they find a department store in its place. After searching the store, a the girls getting into an argument, they realize it is a store for demons. The three are soon surrounded by poj ntxoog and Zhong and Miv fight while Pahua looks for an opportunity to retreat. Pahua finds an exit that she thinks leads to the bamboo nursery and pulls Zhong with her. Zhong opens the door as a poj ntxoog grabs Pahua. However she spin kicks it away and goes into the door.

After landing in the nursery, Zhong hoists Pahua up and demands to know where she learned to fight, believing she is lying. Pahua says she never fought like that before and he backs her up. Zhong says the store was a trap and someone is after Pahua, not believing her, Zhong says Shao will see the truth and she leads them there and warns Pahua not to fall asleep. As they walk Pahua stumbles into a statue half buried in the foliage and realizes it is a sleeping man. To keep each other awake, Zhong tells Pahua about the Hmong gods in the council. They reach Shao's house and he waits outside as the girls talk to the immortal shaman, resting by a statue. The girls fall asleep and he tries to wake Pahua and tells her she was asleep for half an hour and she sees Zhong still asleep. Pahua grabs Zhong's feet and drags her out of the Nursery. When they exit, Zhong awakens and complains about the dirt on her clothing. Zhong then apologizes to Pahua and reveals she is still in training, angering Pahua. Zhong says getting the Bridge Spirit to pass on is her only chance to become a shaman warrior, as she will be expelled if she fails. Pahua begrudgingly accepts her apology as they realize the Hmong word for thread is Hox, the name of the god of destruction. They realize he set a trap to get revenge on Shee Yee for defeating him. They believe that if they find Shee Yee's thunder axe then they can take him on and he reveals it is in the Tree of Souls in the Spirit Realm. Zhong says she has a spirit friend who can get the Spirit Realm as Pahua suggests they use her bedroom.

They exit through the same portal as they entered, but no one takes notice of them. They learn that Matt has been hospitalized and they head to the hospital. As they walk, he rests on Zhong's shoulder as she describes the school she goes to and how she has been a student there for three years and will become a full fledged shaman in another four if she succeeds in this quest, being expelled if she fails. Pahua asks Miv if he heard of the school and Zhong freaks out when she realizes this. The girls clean up in the bathroom of a gas station before reaching the hospital. Zhong waits outside as Pahua and Miv enter Matt's room. They find her mother sitting by Matt's bed, with him resting on his stomach, and ask her what is wrong, she says that the doctors cannot figure out exactly what is wrong with him. When asking if her aunt Kalia might perform a ritual for free, her mother says she wants something other then money as payment but does not elaborate. Pahua leaves and Zhong says she overheard the nurses talking about five other kids coming in with mysterious comas and they question if the spirit is behind those as well before rushing the the apartment. They reach the apartment to find it trashed and Pahua sees the spirits restraining a dragon. The dragon says he has been sent to take Pahua with him, but she can tell he feels arresting her is beneath him. A fight breaks out and Pahua does not deliver a finishing blow and the dragon escapes. Zhong berates her for letting the dragon live as he would most likely return. A neighbor checks in on them and Pahua fears she will get her family evicted. As Pahua tidies up, he attempts to put out the flames on the Stove Spirit. When Pahua finishes, Zhong says entering the Crossroads, a series of roads connecting realms, with be impossible with the gods after her and suggests they go physically. Zhong says she will show Pahua how as he suggests Pahua wear a disguise. Pahua changes and Zhong demonstrates how to enter the crossroads, the world starts to slow and grow quiet. Soon they enter the Crossroads.

They arrive at an interaction of rainbow flowers and various stands maned by humanoid animals. He explains that they are spirits who can shift between human and beast forms by use of a cloak. As Pahua walks around amazed, she bumps into a man who the horns and nose of a bull. A woman next to him tells them the man, Choj, usually looks angry and introduces herself as Aunt Chen and offers them sticky rice. He declines as Aunt Chan says she uses transmutation to get the food, a difficult feat to accomplish. Pahua asks Aunt Chan about the Ivory Gates and Choj tells her it is Xov's prison. As they get closer to the guards, Aunt Chan finds it strange that they are unaccompanied minors and the girls say their parents let them travel on their own for the first time. When they reach the guard. They are asked for permits, something Pahua does it have. He sarcastically suggests saying she is Shee Yee reincarnated. Pahua lies that she lost it and says her uncle in the Spirit Realm wanted them to visit. Aunt Chan distracts the guard by offering him rice and Pahua, Miv, and Zhong sneak past him and onto a boat bound for the Spirit Realm. However as they sail away, an eagle spirit senses stowaways and the girls ready for a fight. The eagle reveals its nine tongues and shrieks three times and Pahua realizes they are slowly turning to stone. They fight back and Pahua slices off two tongues as it shrieks a fourth time. The eagle demands it’s tongues as Pahua demands it unpetrifies. It reluctantly agrees and Pahua returns the tongues. The eagle warns them there are far worse things them itself as they journey on.

As they set sail, Miv tells the girls to put on masks as they approach a waterfall. They see a girl on a big elephant and he tells them to stay quiet as they enter the waterfall. They emerge on the other side of the waterfall covered in frost and reach a field with some trees and he says they are in the Spirit Realm's waiting room. They get off the boat and slowly follow the line up a hill to a pond. A frog sucks up the water and reveals a tunnel on the bottom, and becomes bloated in the process. Miv says it is funny but Zhong warns them not to laugh as the frog was punished by Nhia Ngao Zhua Pa, a shapeshifting goddess, for ruining a prank show was pulled on a mortal man. He guides the girls, as they cannot see with their masks. However Pahua takes off her mask and laughs as the frog releases the water right on the three and are washed into a cave and Zhong pulls Pahua out of the the water. He says they cannot exit way they entered and have to find another way. Eventually they come to a forked tunnel. Miv says to go right but the girls insist on going left because it is bigger. As they walk, they trigger a trap and the girls draw their weapons. Pahua senses the Bridge Spirit is there, and has grown stronger. She wants to fight but the others say they need the axe first. They eventually find the exit and come across a water buffalo spirit. He says to be quiet as they sneak by, but Pahua sneezes and the spirit chases them. They hide in a tree until it gives up and they head into a forest before making camp for the night.

Miv scouts out a path and returns. When Zhong wakes up, he tells them they are near the main road, but they have to cross a mountain range and back in two days. As Pahua questions their next move, Zhong reveals she has a spirit horse that can take them to the tree in no time. They head into a village where Zhong finds a place to contact her horse. The horse spirit manning the stand refuses to summon the spirit at first, but does so when Pahua bribes him. A second later Zhong's horse spirit, Spike, appears and agrees to take the three to the Tree of Souls after learning of Pahua's brother.

Miv returns after scouting out a route and, after Zhong wakes up, he tells them they are near the main road, but they have to cross a mountain range and back in two days. As Pahua questions their next move, Zhong reveals she has a spirit horse that can take them to the tree in no time. They head into a village where Zhong finds a place to contact her horse. The horse spirit manning the stand, Suad Nag, refuses to summon the spirit at first, but does so when Pahua bribes him. A second later Zhong's horse spirit, Spike, appears and agrees to take the three to the Tree of Souls after learning of Pahua's brother. He rides between the girls until Spike stops to rest and watches as Zhong trains Pahua with varying results. Eventually they start traveling and and reach the Tree of Souls. Spike refuses to go any further and the three move in. As they do, the caretaker emerges and notices them. Believing she would not harm them, Pahua walks up to her and introduces herself as Shee Yee's reincarnation. The caretaker, Yeng, says she knows and tells him and Zhong to leave. Zhong says she is on a mission for her school. Pahua asks for the ax, but Yeng says she must find it herself. A new soul arrives as Yeng switches it out for another soul. Pahua is given locket with the trees only leaf to find the ax and heads into the tree with him and Zhong.

They come to two doors, one depicting branching and another roots. As they decide which door to take, Pahua chooses the door with the roots and they enter. They find different rooms before finding a library. When they enter, the books start to attack them and spurt out various facts. They eventually find a book on Shee Yee and grab it. The books stop attacking and they read. They ask the book about Shee Yee and Xov and it shows them visions of Shee Yee saving a child from a demon and him fighting and imprisoning Xov with his list remaining child forced to guard him. The book says Xov's prison is guarded by a curse and recites it as the try to fugue out what it means. As the leave the room, Pahua wonders how much time they have left as the floor shifts and a crack in the wall opens up and swallows Pahua before closing. He and Zhong have visions of their worst memories before reuniting with Pahua and finding the thunder ax. As he encourages Pahua to take the ax, a group of dragons ambush them and he is trapped in a bubble. A fight breaks out and when a group of poj xtnoog arrive and the room collapses when Pahua grabs the ax. He is separated from the girls in the confusion.

Miv is taken captive by the poj ntxoog and given to the Bridge Spirit. He is placed in a cage when Pahua and Zhong arrive. He tries to warn her of something as she frees him. The wall they are by explodes. He watches over Pahua after she passes out and Pahua wakes up and he smothers her with joy. Pahua reveals that she knows Miv is Xov's son as Miv apologizes as he fills her in. He watches as Pahua subdues the spirit children and consuls the bridge spirit. The bridge spirit then turns into a cloth and heads to the Tree of Souls as the children return to their bodies. The cavern starts to crumble as Miv and the girls rush to escape.

They run into the nature spirits again, the girls being given fruit to heal their injuries, and return to the town to find Spike waiting for them. As they head back to the Mortal Realm, Miv explains how he released Shee Yee's soul to please his father, but decided not to turn her over to him after seeing the love her family displayed each other and expresses remorse for his actions. Zhong is shocked and appealed by this but Pahua forgives him. As they cross realms, Spike drops them off at the hospital, where they learn they were only gone for six hours, and they clean themselves off before heading to Matt. He goes in with Pahua and is happy Matt is alright.


Miv is a small black cat spirit resembling a kitten that is invisible to all but Pahua.


Miv is incredibly snide and judgmental. He has a prickly personality, along with a tendency to voice his mind. However, despite being blunt, Miv could be helpful when the situation calls for it, serving as a useful source of information.

At times, another side of Miv could be seen. Miv was desperate to please his father and to earn his love. As a result, he would go through any lengths to fulfill his requests.

But when Miv was ordered to go against Pahua, he was surprised to realize that he didn't really want to betray her. Despite his mission from his father, Miv became affectionate and protective towards her.




Miv spent his life wanting to gain his father’s love. When he was tasked with causing Shee Yee's soul to be reincarnated, he jumped at the opportunity. However upon discovering the girl the soul was reborn as, Miv changed his mind about turning her over to his father and realized just how toxic their relationship was.


Pahua Moua, the reincarnation of Shee Yee who he shielded from his father.

Originally tasked with locating and bringing the reincarnation of Shee Yee to his father, Miv chose to protect her upon seeing the love her family showed one another. He spent years befriending her and grew to care for her. When he was imprisoned in the first layer of his father’s cage, he tried to stop Pahua from freeing him as it would weaken his father’s prison. After Pahua defeats Xov, he apologizes for lying to her and explains his change of heart.

Zhong Vang, a girl he quested with.

At first, Miv and the shaman warrior-in-training were uneasy with each other. However as time went on, things calmed down between the two and they became friends.


  • Miv means "cat" in Hmong.[1]


  • Miv watches Project Runway.


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