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Mjolnir (pronounced "ME-ol-neer"), also spelled Mjølnir, is Thor's hammer. According to Samirah al-Abbas, it is the most powerful weapon in all of the Nine Worlds



After Loki the trickster god, shaved off the gorgeous golden hair of Sif, the wife of Thor, he learned of this and his quick temper was enraged. He seized Loki and threatened to annihilate him but Loki pleaded with the thunder god to let him go down to Svartalfheim, the world of the dwarves, and see if those master craftspeople could fashion a new head of hair for Sif, this one even more beautiful than the original. Thor allowed this, and off Loki went to Svartalfheim.

There he was able to obtain what he wished. The sons of the dwarf Ivaldi forged not only a new wig for Sif, but also three other masterpieces: Skidbladnir, a great ship that belongs to Frey and can be folded up and put into one’s pocket, and Gungnir, the deadliest of all spears, given to Odin.

Having accomplished his task, Loki was tempted to remain in the caves of the dwarves. He approached the brothers Brokkr and Sandr and taunted them, saying that the brothers could never forge three creations as good as those the sons of Ivaldi had fashioned. In fact, he even bet his head on their lack of ability. Brokkr and Sindri accepted the wager. As they worked, a fly (who, of course, was none other than Loki in disguise) stung Sindri’s hand. When the dwarf pulled his creation out of the fire, it was a living boar with golden hair. This was Gullinbursti, who gave off light and could run better than any horse, even through water or air. 

As Brokkr worked, the fly bit Brokkr on the neck, and drew out a magnificent ring, Draupnir: the self replicating ring of Odin. Sindri then put iron on the hearth, and told Brokkr that, for the next working, they must make it perfect, for a mistake would be more costly than the previous two projects. Loki immediately stung Brokkr’s eyelid, preventing him from properly seeing his work. Sindri produced a hammer of unsurpassed quality and unbelievable power.

Because of Loki, it had one flaw: the handle was slightly too short. Sindri deplored that this had almost ruined the piece, which was called Mjölnir: Thor's hammer. Nevertheless, Sindri and Brokkr made their way to Asgard to claim the wages that were due to them.

Loki made it to the halls of the gods before the dwarves and presented the marvels to Thor, Sif, Frey and Odin. They concluded that Loki still owed the dwarves his head. When the dwarves approached Loki with knives, the cunning god pointed out that he had promised them his head, but not his neck. Brokkr and Sindri decided among themselves to stitch Loki’s mouth shut, and returned to their forge in peace.


The hammer is described as having a head that consists of a trapezoidal-shaped slab of iron with runic designs swirled across the metal and a stubby handle bound in leather. When it is summoned in Loki's cavern, Magnus says that it fills the room with "a smell like thunderstorms." The runes release tendrils of lightning when used in battle by Thor.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Mjolnir has gone missing, and Thor is still searching for it when Magnus, Samirah, Blitz, and Hearth encounter him in Jotunheim.

Also, it is seen in the epilogue that Loki is holding a hammer pendant, while saying Sumarbrander is not the only trigger of Ragnarok, implying that the pendant might be Mjolnir in an altered form. The hammer can stream shows from Netflix.

The Hammer of Thor

Mjolnir has been missing for months and is currently in a dangerous place: Provincetown, where it might have fallen into the hands of a Wight. This later turns out to be a ruse created by Loki in order to obtain the Skofnung Sword as the bride price for the arranged marriage between his daughter Samirah al-Abbas and the earth giant king Thrym. They later learn that Thrym stole Mjolnir to be used as the morgen-gifu for the wedding between him and Samirah, while Mjolnir is currently being hidden eight miles under the earth until the wedding. It is summoned into Loki’s Cavern by Thrym to bless the wedding and later retrieved by Thor when he and the other gods break into the cavern.


  • As of The Sword of Summer, Mjölnir has been lost three times, but in The Hammer of Thor, Jack states that Mjolnir is always getting misplaced, even suggesting Thor should duct-tape the hammer to his face, and says that, while extremely heavy, Mjölnir can be picked up by anyone strong enough, including multple giants, though wielding it (i.e., throwing it correctly, catching it again and summoning lightning with it) takes some skill.
  • According to Jack/Sumarbrander, the notion that "only the worthy can lift Mjölnir" is nonsense and a common misconception regarding the hammer, having originated from the comics and movies.
  • Mjölnir can stream TV shows via television and Netflix in HD content.
  • Mjölnir is said to be the most powerful weapon in Norse mythology, capable of leveling mountains with a single hit.
  • Thor does not like to admit it when he loses his hammer. 
  • Mjolnir's Greek counterpart is Master Bolt.
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