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Mnemosyne (pronounced roughly "NEMO-sign") is the Titaness of memory and the mother of artistic inspiration. Her Roman name is Moneta, which is also a name for Juno.


Early life

Mnemosyne was born to Gaea and Ouranos as the second youngest Titaness next to Rhea. Like her eldest brother Oceanus and the rest of her sisters, she refused to assist Kronos in cutting up their father.

Since Mnemosyne remembered everything, none of her brothers wanted to marry her.

Birth of the Muses

After the First Titanomachy, her nephew Zeus fell in love with Mnemosyne, though she didn't want to marry him since he swallowed his previous wife, her niece Metis. To trick Mnemosyne, Zeus dressed as a shepherd and went to find her. They slept together for nine consecutive nights before he returned on Mount Olympus. Months later, Mnemosyne gave birth for nine days on Mount Pierus, each day delivering a daughter. These daughters are the Muses, the patrons of several creative arts.

Creation of the Words

Mnemosyne created the written words and the first languages in order preserve events and help others to remember information. She kept the family records of the Titans and the Olympians.

One day, Mnemosyne traveled to the Underworld and stood over a black pool that was eventually named after her. It is opposite to the River Lethe as it gives people back their memories instead of making them forget. Using this pool and creating the Throne of Memory, she helped create the Oracle of Trophonius.

Demigods of Olympus

The Library of Deadly Weapons

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Mnemosyne has a beautiful but stern face, dark hair that curls around her face. She wears luminous white robes covered in intricate black words, as if her clothes were woven from e-reader screens.


Mnemosyne remembered everything and expected everybody else to have a good memory too.


  • Mnemokinesis: As the Titaness of Memory, Mnemosyne has absolute control and divine authority over memories. She did this for the dead, allowing them to regain the memories of their past lives. She may even have domain over recorded images like video or photographs, objects of visual memory.
    • Absolute Memory: She will never forget and will always remember anything she heard, saw or said.
  • Linguistics: As the inventor of words and languages, Mnemosyne is an expert at these academic fields.
    • Tongue of the Old Times fluency: According to Tyson, this is the ancient language that Gaea spoke to the Titans, Elder Cyclopes and Hekatonkheires before the birth of the Olympian gods. Hence, she understands and speaks it perfectly.
  • Prophecy: Like her sisters Phoebe and Rhea, Mnemosyne presided over an oracle, thus implying that she may possess the power of foresight.
  • Titanic Divine Form: As a Titaness, Mnemosyne has the ability to incinerate any being lesser than a god/Titan only by being present.
  • Titanic Energy: Like all Titans, Mnemosyne has the ability to blast things hundreds of yards away from herself with a yell or a wave of the hand.


  • Mnemosyne is the only Elder Titaness who never married.
  • Out of the Elder Titanesses, only Mnemosyne and Themis had children with Zeus.
    • Furthermore, Mnemosyne and Themis are the only Elder Titanesses who didn't marry one of their siblings.
  • She is the opposite of Lethe, the goddess of forgetfulness.


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