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All those stories Mama and Baba used to tell, about their old home, the world they used to live in... Didn't you ever want to see it for yourself? [...] What about your heritage? Isn’t it important to learn where you come from?

–Mo to his younger brother on trying to learn more about hisself by looking into his ancestry homeland in City of the Plague God.

Mohammed “Mo” Aziz was the brother of Sikander Aziz. He was killed in a motorcycle accident in Iraq.


Early Life

Sikander Aziz, his younger brother.

Mo was born in Iraq, but came to the United States of America as a refugees and settled in New York City. He could only take one toy with him, a monkey. When he was in the fifth grade, his parents had another boy that they named Sikander. Around the same time he met and befriended Daoud, another boy of Iraqi descent, and the two quickly became inseparable.

College and returning to his Birth land

When he entered college, Mo chose to major in botany. He would also return to Iraq to help repair villages after they were attacked by bombs. He returned to Iraq multiple times and did whatever he could to help his homeland.


One night as he was on his motorcycle in Iraq, a truck swerved into his lane and he was hit, killing him. His family set up a memorial at their deli to honor him. His best friend would also move in with his family upon his death, living in his room and wearing his clothes.

Just before his death, Mo unknowingly found the fabled Flower of Immortality and sent it home to be planted in the community garden. He ended up in Kurnugi and would get an unlimited supply of Baghdad sauce, supplied by his brother, whenever Sik dumped it down the drain.

City of the Plague God

His brother has a one-sided conversation with his memorial wall as he is closing up the deli. Almost a week after the deli is destroyed, he greets his younger brother when he arrives in Kurnugi. Sik tells him, much to his amazement, that he found the Flower of Immortality and that Nergal unleashed a plague on New York City. When he asks about the garden, Sik says it was bulldozed to make a parking lot. He berates his younger brother for shirking in his care for the garden and Sik yells at him for never inviting him on his adventures. Just then they are spotted by Erishkigal, the goddess of death, and a pride of Ugallu. As the goddess is about to order their deaths, Ishtar stops her. Rather then kill his brother, the Queen of Night has him and Sik find the original flower in a cave in the Rock of Nisir in the Sea of Tiamat and fight Humbaba, a creature immune to attacks, to get a suitable boat. The brothers fall asleep and wake up in the forest that houses Humbaba. They find the boat just as the giant finds them. The brothers manage to trick him into drinking the Baghdad sauce and he runs away looking for water. They try and fail to dislodge the boat as the sea comes to them. They grasp onto the boat until the tides calm down and they climb aboard. They find the Rock of Nisir just as the current picks up and the jump ship, Sik makes it to shore as he is dragged out sea by the current. Sik uses a bag, that turns into a net, that he has with him to pull Mo to shore. When he is safe, Mo inspects the bag and finds that it has the symbol of Shamash, the patron god of kings on it. The brothers brace themselves and dive into calmer waters. They dive deeper until they find a hole leading to a grotto with a tree and find the flower. Sik picks it and he senses something is off. They proceed with caution and encoder the Basmu Serpent and a shiver of sharks. They just make it out when Sik uses the net to tangle up the serpent and they swim up as it sinks. When they breach the surface, a Raven arrives to guide Sik to the land of the living, be his brother is reluctant and offers to trade with him. He talks his brother into going back and says he will see him again as he vanishes.


Mo had a great love for his native Iraq and wanted to do anything he could to help it. He cared greatly for Sikander and their parents.


  • Bilingualism: Mo can speak both Arabic and English.
  • Botany: Mo is a seasoned botanist.


  • Mohammed is a common masculine given name of Islamic origin meaning “thanked “.
  • Aziz is a masculine given name and surname of Arabic origin meaning “strong” and “powerful”.


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