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It feels like I should have done more. I should have protected you. Believed Nizhoni.

–Mr. Begay apologizing to his children, mostly his daughter, for not believing them earlier after being rescued in, Race to the Sun.

Mr. Begay is a land surveyor for the Landrush Oil and Gas company and the father of Nizhoni and Mac Begay.


Mr. Begay was born into the Navajo tribe and met and befriended a fellow student and Navajo tribe member at Fort Lewis College, who he would remain close to after graduating. He married a woman named Bethany and had a daughter and son with her, however his wife eventually left him and the children when they were younger. The experience of losing his wife caused him to become depressed whenever he though of her.

He would spend most of his time working and often ignore his children. However he would sometimes take them to events honoring Native Americans.

Race to the Sun

Nizhoni and Mac Begay, his children

He picks Nizhoni up from her basketball game takes them home when his new boss is in town and offered to take the family out to dinner, much to his delight. His new boss, Mr. Charles, is at their house when they arrive and, unknown to him, is a monster. He has his children get out of the car and he notices their injuries for the first time. He has Nizhoni go inside to change and forces Mac to shake the hands of Mr. Charles and his bodyguards, Mr. Rock and Ms. Bird. The bodyguards distract the father and son while Mr. Charles tries to kill Nizhoni. He walks in to find his daughter attacking his potential new boss and apologizes and helps Mr. Charles up. He scolds Nizhoni for her actions and grounds her while he and Mac go out to dinner with Mr. Charles and Mr. Rock. He is able to smooth things out with Mr. Charles and takes dinner to Nizhoni. When she eats he asks her why she attacked Mr. Charles, she sticks to the story that he tried to kill her but he does not believe her. He mentioned that her mother claimed to see monsters but does not press further. The following day he is kidnapped by his new boss, but manages to carves "Run" into an apple to warn his children before it happened.

Four days later he is found in the trunk of a car parked near Shiprock and freed by Spider Woman and hugs his children and apologizes to them before going over to Bethany and kissing her. When his mother-in-law arrives and takes them back to her house for flatbread, he and his wife sit up front with her and the three catch up.


Mr. Begay is a Native American man with short black hair combed back and a dark complexion. He often dresses in business clothing such as button down shirts and pressed pants.


Mr. Begay is a workaholic, often ignoring his children in favor of work. He is also somewhat of a traditionalist, often taking his children to events honoring Native Americans or educating others on Native American culture.


  • Begay is a surname of Navajo origin meaning "his son” or “her son”.


  • He drives a white Honda Civic.
  • He is a fan of the New Mexico Scorpions, a now defunct minor league hockey team.
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