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So fierce. What a good sister you are! But don’t worry about Marcus. I want him alive. His power is different from yours, and once it manifests, he will become quite handy for my business needs. You, however... It does pain me to hurt youngsters, it really does. But best to do it now, before you grow up and truly become a problem. I am so sorry Nizhoni, but I am afraid... I need you dead.

–Mr. Charles during his first official meeting with Nizhoni in, Race to the Sun.

Mr. Charles was a Bináá' yee aghání who served as the head of the Landrush Oil and Gas company that Mr. Begay works for and the main antagonist in Race to the Sun. He planned to kill Nizhoni and take Mac to work for his company.


Mr. Charles has spent decades tracking down the inheritors of the powers of the hero twins. As he found them, he would kill the inheritors of Monsterslayer’s powers and take the inheritors of Born For Water’s powers to aid in his fracking.

Race to the Sun

During Nizhoni Begay’s basketball game, he watches her from the bleachers. After the game ends he sticks around. He later arrives at the Begay House to take the family out to dinner. He shakes Mr. Begay's hand and asks Nizhoni and Mac about their injuries is a worried tone. He shakes Mac’s hand and introduces them to his bodyguards, Mr. Rock and Ms. Bird, before taking them to Pasta Palace for dinner. He makes his way inside and tries to steal a family portrait of the Begays but Nizhoni stops him and he explains her maternal ancestry is linked to Changing Woman and that he was told a descendant of the hero twins will stop him, he goes to kill her and mentions sensing a dormant power in Mac and plans to use him for his purposes and kill her, however Nizhoni gets defensive of her brother and attacks him. However her father walks in and is horrified by what he sees, he helps him up and apologizes for his daughter’s actions. Mr. Charles makes up a story about going inside to use the bathroom and, while admiring the family picture, Nizhoni, asked him for an autograph and that the knife was really a mechanical pencil. As Nizhoni is grounded her goes with Mr. Rock, Mr. Begay and Mac to dinner while Ms. Bird stayed behind and watches Nizhoni.

The following day he goes to the Begay house to kidnap Mr. Begay and use him as bait to take his children. As they leave he realizes he forgot the family portrait and has Ms. Bird turn around to get it. However he is unaware Nizhoni saw the whole thing.

Later on in the week he and his bodyguards appear at Shiprock riding large Bináá' yee aghání. He goes for Mac who is encased in a cocoon to save him from falling. With his bodyguards forming a blockade, he tries to cut Mac free. When Nizhoni fires her last arrow at him, Mr. Charles catches it and sends it right back at the girl, hitting her in the chest and sending her plummeting to the earth. He goes over to an unconscious Nizhoni and taunts her as she wakes up. He says her friends and family will be dead and Mac will be working for him in Oklahoma, just like the others he took, and that she is alone. Nizhoni says he is wrong and that she is not alone. As she lists those with her she electrocutes him until he explodes.


Mr. Charles has pale skin with blonde hair and eyes that glow red and bright red lips. He wear a dark suit.


On the surface, Mr. Charles presents himself as a kindly man. But when alone and in the presence of someone he finds a threat, he is determined to get rid of them.


  • Power Sensing: Mr. Charles can sense if someone has supernatural powers or not via touch.
  • Manipulation: Mr. Charles is able to get what he wants by pretending to be a kindly man and complimenting others to gain their trust.
  • Shapeshifting: As a Bináá yee aghání, Mr. Charles can take the form of any one or anything he wishes.
  • Paralyzing Gaze: As a Bináá yee aghání, he is able to paralyze almost anyone by making eye contact with them, the only exception being the inheritors of the power of Monsterslayer.
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