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Mr. Cosquillas is an English teacher at Culeco Academy of the Arts.

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With most of the his class taking part in the play rehearsal, he talks with his remaining students, Sal Vidón, Widelene Henrissaint, Teresita Tómas, and Adam Hoag about art. He eagerly looks over the illustrations in Sal copy of the combined collection of Lewis Carrol's Alice books. He pretends to pass out when Sal says art has no wrong meaning. He assigns the four to review the play for homework before they go to watch it.

During parent-teacher conference he assists Sal and Aventura Rios in their director roles.


Mr. Cosquillas is a man with long gray hair who wears tie dye shirts and tattered shorts with sandals. He wears transitional glasses.


Mr. Cosquillas is very liberal, talking freely about art in English class and using gender neutral terms when addressing his students.


  • He hopes to make Spanish a non-gendered language by the time he is one hundred and fifty.
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