We can't just leave. We've spent a lot of money.

–Mr. Dare to Rachel, in The Last Olympian

Mr. W. Dare is the father of Rachel Elizabeth Dare, and husband to Mrs. Dare. He owns his own company called Dare Enterprises and is an extremely wealthy businessman. He made his fortune by buying land and turning it into malls and subdivisions.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Battle of the Labyrinth

The lost nature god, Pan, talks to Grover Underwood, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Tyson, Nico di Angelo, and Rachel. When he talks to Rachel, she feels guilty, because she believes her dad made the Wild fade quicker, being a land developer. Rachel later explained this to Percy. During the quest, Rachel is able to get the group a ride simply by telling a driver who her father is.

The Last Olympian

Mr. Dare is seen a few times in Percy's dreams. In one dream Percy said, "He gazed out on the Manhattan Skyline as if he owned it-which wasn't true. He only owned part of it." He always refers to Percy as "young man," or to Rachel, "your friend." Percy was planning on going with her family to their vacation home, but had to go on a quest before he could give her an answer. He allowed Rachel to invite Percy to vacation with them as an attempt to bribe Rachel to go to a finishing school. He eventually gets what he wants, as she agreed to go so she could be flown back to New York.


Mr. Dare is a business man who’s primary interest is turning a profit. He feels that his interests and intentions for others are more important then their own wants and needs, as he kept pressuring Rachel to attend Clarion Ladies Academy.

He also does not make an effort to remember the names of others, such as not bothering to remember Percy Jackson’s name.


Mr. Dare is a middle aged man with rust red hair.
Rachell Elizabethh Daree

Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Mr. Dare's daughter



Rachel Elizabeth Dare

Mr. Dare and his daughter have a strained relationship. He doesn't give much attention to his daughter, because he's very busy at work. He tries to make everything better with his daughter by using money, such as suggesting therapy for small problems. He has no idea of what Rachel can do and thinks at some times that she is crazy.


  • His given name begins with a W, as seen in one of Percy's dreams, when he's wearing monogrammed pajamas with the initials WD.
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