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Mr. Milagros is a janitor at Culeco Academy of the Arts.

Sal & Gabi Duology

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe

He escorts Sal Vidon and Yasmany Robles to Principal Torres’ office and goes to mix up a batch of cleaning solution. When he goes to clean it up the chicken is gone. Principal Torres calls him and he tells her he could not find the chicken.

He helps Gabi Real bring her lie detector to class.

When he sees Sal in Yasmany’s locker, not lets the boy know that he, and the security camera, can see him.

When Sal breaks into school to scan Yasmany’s locker, he tricks him into cleaning the first floor unisex bathrooms. Unknown to Sal, he has eleven other janitors help him renovate the bathroom and even has an old clinic a CEO from a tech company, donate a toilet with class eight artificial intelligence.

Sal & Gabi Fix the Universe

He saves Sal from falling and informs him the bathrooms are out of order. He takes the sign off and reveals the teamwork and effort that went into renovating the bathroom, even using his connections to get a toilet with class eight artificial intelligence. When Sal comes out, he says it was the best bathroom experience of his life and they hoist the boy on their shoulders in celebration.

The following day he is called to unlock a door after Sal locks himself in the renovated bathroom. When he does they find it empty and he questions Vorágine how he could escape from a locked room. Gabi, who realizes Sal went to another dimension, tries to distract him so Sal can slip back unnoticed. He asks Sal if he can speak with someone named Lourdes, but they convince him she is in heaven.

During parent-teacher night, he stands watch as the others deal with the rogue Gabi.

Sal & Gabi Duology
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