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For maybe dos horas. But my pepper, it lasts many hours longer. One bite and she will freeze your legs, then your arms and hands. Then the brain. So La Muerte is now the hottest. I break the record.

–Comparing the world's hottest pepper to La Muerte, The Storm Runner.

Mr. Ortiz is a neighbor of Zane Obispo who grows chili peppers in his backyard.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

Zane Obispo, his neighbor

Mr. Ortiz is first seen when he and Ms. Cab check on Zane after he falls off the volcano.

He later picks Zane up from detention. Later that day, he drives Zane to the bank to talk to his mother, Antonia Caballero assured Zane that Ortiz is all human and not a Mayan protector like her.

He later shows up at Ms. Cab's house and Zane explains Ah-Puch and the Prophecy of Fire to him and Hondo who quickly accept this. He is eager to watch Ms. Cab when she was a chicken, much to her dislike, and he tells Zane to come with him before he leaves. He gives Zane La Muerte, a pepper so hot it can paralyze the eater for hours. He tells Zane to use it against Ah-Puch and says he has faith he will succeed, so he puts it in some hot chocolate as a back up plan. Unfortunately, it was ruined when one of the hero twins, Jordan, quickly drank it. However, although it had a delayed effect, the pepper worked as Jordan felt a very bad pain in his stomach and sweated.

Mr. Ortiz and Ms. Cab visit the Obispos in Isla Holbox once Ah-Puch was defeated for real, he was so glad to hear from Zane that La Muerte worked.

The Fire Keeper

He arrives at Antonia Caballero’s Castia to find Rosie incinerating her on Brooks’s orders. They find that she is really a Mud Person and find her and Ren Santiago tied up in the kitchen. As they brainstorm what it was after he takes some of the ‘‘chocolate’’ it offered Zane to test. He then suggests that who ever sent the mud person wanted to study something, this makes Zane realize someone knows he is alive.

The Shadow Crosser

When Zane was way, he and Ms. Cab eloped and are currently on their honeymoon.


Mr. Ortiz is a balding elderly man who is somewhat overweight.


Mr. Ortiz is a kind man who cares for Zane and is willing to help him out.


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