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Mr. Rock was a Bináá' yee aghání who acts as a bodyguard for Mr. Charles of the Landrush Oil and Gas company.

Race to the Sun

He and Ms. Bird accompany Mr. Charles when he comes to Albuquerque to take the Begay family out to dinner. He shakes hands with Mac. He and Ms. Bird distract the father and son while Mr. Charles tries to kill Nizhoni. After they walk in on Nizhoni attacking Mr. Charles, he goes to where she flung the knife and picked up a mechanical pencil before demonstrating it was such and not a knife. He joins Mr. Charles, Mr. Begay, and Mac for dinner while Ms. Bird stayed behind to watch Nizhoni.

The following day he and Ms. Bird aid Mr. Charles in kidnapping Mr. Begay to get Nizhoni and Mac.

Later that week he and Ms. Bird intervene when their boss goes for Mac and form a blockade to keep Mr. Charles safe. As he aims his gun, Bethany Begay cuts his hand off, sending it and his gun free falling to the earth below. He disintegrates once Nizhoni takes out Mr. Charles.


Mr. Rock is an African American man who wears a white suit as a uniform and carries a gun.


  • Shapeshifting: As a bináá yee agháni, Mr. Rock can take the form of anyone or anything he wishes.
  • Paralyzing Gaze: As a bináá yee agháni, Mr. Rock can paraliz almost anyone with his gaze, the only exception being Monsterslayer and those who inherit his powers.
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