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Mrs. Faust is the wife of Mr. Faust, the mother of Ruby Kane, mother in-law to Julius Kane and the grandmother of Carter and Sadie Kane and a member of the Faust family. She resides in London, England.


Early Life

Mrs. Faust was born in the United Kingdom and eventually married a man and had a daughter with him, who gave them two grandchildren.

Death of Daughter

Along with Mr. Faust, Mrs. Faust blames Julius Kane, her former son-in-law, for Ruby's death. After her death, she and her husband gain custody of Sadie; it is implied that they do not wish for custody of Carter due to his resemblance to Julius and greatly favor Sadie for her resemblance to her mother.

She and her husband kept a shrine to their daughter decorated with pictures of Ruby and her favorite jewelry.

Despite knowing magicians, she and her husband do not practice magic.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Ruby Kane, her daughter

The Fausts live in England with their granddaughter. After the explosion at the British Museum, the Fausts and the Kane family are visited by Amos Kane and Mrs. Faust reluctantly lets Sadie go with Amos and Carter, as she knows it is Sadie's destiny. After Julius is cleared of charges, she and her husband invite Sadie to come home, however she chooses stay in Brooklyn.

The Throne of Fire

When Sadie goes to visit them and her friends in London, she finds that Mr. and Mrs. Faust are unintentionally hosting Babi and Nekhbet, the baboon and vulture gods, who proceed to hunt Sadie and her friends across London until Bes manages to scare them out of them.


Mrs. Faust seems to resent the idea of being a magician, seeing as how she refused to use her powers. Though she does seem to listen to her daughter with her home on the west side. She also dislikes Julius, blaming him for her daughter's death.


It is said that she has curly gray hair, watery blue eyes, and the expression of a startled rabbit. It is also mentioned that she wears a flowered housecoat and fuzzy green slippers.


Mrs. Faust is descended from Ramesses II and as such is born from the blood of the pharaohs and has great potential as a magician. Despite this, she and her husband do not practice magic and try to ignore that side of their life.


  • Julius Kane: Mrs. Faust is shown to dislike Julius. She blames him for the death of her daughter, Ruby.
  • Carter Kane: It is hinted, though not explicitly stated, that Mrs. Faust dislikes Carter because he reminds her of Julius, Carter's father and Ruby's husband
  • Sadie Kane: It is shown that she loves her granddaughter very much, as she did anything to gain custody of her because of her resemblance to her daughter, Ruby.
  • Ruby Kane: Ruby is her daughter who was killed at Cleopatra's Needle freeing Bast from her cage, in which Bast had been fighting Apophis for eons.
  • Mr. Faust :They are married. It is known that Mrs. Faust agrees with Mr. Faust a lot of the time, but it is not entirely certain how they feel towards each other.


  • Faust is a surname of German origin.


  • She bakes burned biscuits, cookies, for tea time. (as a "tradition")
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