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Mrs. Kim is the elder of the Gumiho Clan.

The Gifted Clans series

The Last Fallen Star

She and the other elders oversee Saturday services and, as it ends, she and the other elders inform the congregation of the reopening of the library after a decade, an upcoming carnival, and that the excommunicated Hornagi Clan have tried contacting the elders.

Two days later she and the other elders oversee the initiation of Hattie Oh, with her creating the illusions for the girl to test her skill on. After the girl passes she and the other elders watch in shock as Hattie and Riley perform a power sharing ritual. After Riley is revealed to be a Horangi, she and the other elders give the Ohs a choice by the end of the week, either all of them will be stripped of their magic and excommunicated or just Riley.


  • Mystiokinesis: As a witch, she can perform and manipulate magic.
    • Hallucikinesis: As a member of the Gumiho Clan, she is skilled in illusion magic.
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