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Mrs. Obispo is the mother of Zane Obispo and elder sister of Hondo Obispo.


Mrs. Obispo met Hurakan , Mayan god of wind, storms and fire on a trip to the Yucatán peninsula. After a brief time together she became pregnant. She later returned home and had her son. They lived in the New Mexico desert. She allowed her brother Hondo to move in, however he mostly just watched wrestling and ate Cheetos. At one point she allowed Zane to be homeschooled because of bullying.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

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Zane Obispo, her son

Mrs. Obispo excitedly tells Zane he has been accepted to the Holy Ghost private school. She gets him to go and gives him a cane from a recently deceased client as a present. She finds Zane in the desert and, when they get back, talks with Officer Smart. She goes after Zane when he chases Rosie into the dessert and does not see the demon.

The following day she learns that Zane assaulted another student, she is furious. This anger grows when she finds her brother and his friends trashed the living room. She later talks to her son about the incident.

Zane goes to the bank to ask her who his father is, but before she could an alux shows up and tries to kill her son. She tries to get Zane to the safety deposit box cage before to breaks in to no avail, Hondo arrives and wrestles with it while the two flee. Once the car breaks down she takes a crowbar and tells Zane to run. The alux finds her and holds its knife to her throat. Just then Brooks arrives and rips the demon of her. She offers Brooks to spend the night with them and she accepts. They drive home and, after dinner, she offers Brooks her room.

After Zane defeats Ah-Puch, she and the rest of the family relocate to Isla Holbox. She and Hondo plan to open a surf shop. She and her family are later greeted by Mr. Ortiz and Ms. Cab.

The Fire Keeper


Hondo Obispo, her younger brother and business partner.

Mrs. Obispo has greatly adapted to her new life on Isla Holbox, enjoying more then in New Mexico. She and Hondo opened a business called Maya Journeys that started out selling beach equipment and now offers tours of the island.

She is seen setting the table for dinner. The following morning she finds out about Ren Santiago and takes the godborn around town before leaving her with Antonia Caballero. She then asks Zane why he sent a message to other godborns and tells him to get ready for a tour of the island’s inlets. Before leaving on his quest to save Hurakan, Zane leaves her a note and calls her when he is in Cabo San Lucas.

A day later Hurakan visits her and she is overjoyed. She scolds and hugs Zane when he returns and gives him a new Fuego before ordering pizza for dinner.


  • She is religious, having Zane keep a vile of holy water in his dresser and praying often, as well as dragging him into church to light a candle and confess his sins.
  • She is a hospice worker.
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