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Mrs. Waked is the interpretive theater workshop teacher at Culeco Academy of the Arts and a former actress.


In Mrs. Waked’s Intermediate Theater Workshop, students are required to present their most mind-blowing talents, from ventriloquist acts to katana routines.[1]

Sal & Gabi Duology

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe

She has her class put on performances in their specialty. After Gabi’s lie detector says Sal really did pull a chicken from another dimension, she and her students applaud them, thinking it was a collaboration act. She says that next day she will bring in masks for the students.

The following day she urges Sal Vidon to act more goat like to fit the goat mask he chose.

The following week she sees Sal and Gabi’s Everyman play and gives them an A. She also gives Aventura Rios extra credit for making the death costume.

Sal & Gabi Fix the Universe

She helps her students prepare her room for the tea party scene in the Alice in Wonderland play for parent teacher conference.


She is shown to be kind and encouraging.


  • She played a sock puppet in six Super Bowl commercials.
  • She finds the Tonys elitist but thinks it is nice to be nominated.
  • She likes strawberries.


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