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A Mud Person is a sentimental being made out of mud that takes the form of a human.


At the beginning of the world, Hurakan and K’ukumatz decided to make humans. Unlike other animals who would just howl and chatter, these would worship the gods. The two very powerful creator gods made the first humans out of mud. However, these humans were weak and useless and couldn't think. As a result, the gods sent a flood to destroy them or the humans dissolved by themselves. The next material used was wood but that failed as well, the third attempt involved corn which was successful.

Some Maya magicians found an old pool of mud deep in the jungle. They believed it was from the first mud people and the high priests discovered some of the gods' power in the pool. So they worked with the magicians and made potions for it, but it was used up a hundred years ago.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Fire Keeper

A mud person impersonates Antonia Caballero and keeps her and Ren Santiago tied up in the kitchen while it tries steal the powers of Zane Obispo. However it is soon baked by Rosie and crumbles to dust.

Later on Zane is captured by another mud person named Gee.

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