Multilingualism is the ability to speak or sign two or more languages, either inborn or taught later in life.


Multilingualism describes how an individual or a community is able to speak two or more languages.


In Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter, most of the campers are shown to know some Ancient Greek and Latin respectively in addition to the language that they grew up with and English.

Children of Aphrodite are able to speak French.

Known Multilingual Speakers


Percy Jackson English, Ancient Greek, Latin
Annabeth Chase English, Ancient Greek, Morse Code
Nico di Angelo English, Italian, Ancient Greek
Samirah al-Abbas English, Old Norse, Arabic, Alf Sign Language
Leo Valdez English, Spanish (Mexican dialect), Ancient Greek, Morse Code
Vladimir Menshikov Russian, Ancient Egyptian, English
Magnus Chase English, Alf Sign Language
Alabaster C. Torrington English, Latin
Halfborn Gunderson Old Norse, German, English, nine other languages
Mallory Keen English, Gaelic
Hazel Levesque  English, Latin, Louisiana French
Reyna Ramírez-Arellano  English, Latin, Spanish (Puerto Rican dialect)
Michel Desjardins  French, English, Ancient Egyptian
Zia Rashid  English, Ancient Egyptian, Arabic (Egyptian dialect)
Blitzen  English, Alf Sign Language
Alex Fierro  English, Spanish (Mexican dialect), Alf Sign Language
Iskandar  English, Ancient Egyptian, Alexandrian Greek
Frank Zhang English, French (Canadian dialect), Chinese, Latin
Piper Mclean English, French, Ancient Greek
Chiron Ancient Greek, Latin, English
Cleo Portuguese (Brazilian dialect), Ancient Egyptian, English, Baboon
Inge Elfish, Alf Sign Language
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