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My lord, I bring you a thacrifice to give you power.

–Muwan to Ah-Puch when he is freed from his prison in The Storm Runner.

Muwan was an owl and the most trusted ally of Ah-Puch.


Back when Ah-Puch ruled Xib'alb'a, Muwan acted as his messenger and spy. She was sent to deliver a message to Jun Jun’ajpu’ and Vucub Jun'ajpu', the original Mayan hero twins, that told them to come down to Xib’alb’a to play ball, they were annoyed by their noise. She then took the two down to the underworld where they failed the challenges from lords and were killed as a result.

Six months after Ixkik' became pregnant from Jun Jun’ajpu’'s spit, her father, Blood Gatherer, sent Muwan to bring her to them to sacrifice because she refused to reveal the illegitimate father. Upon hearing what truly happened and Ixkik’'s begging, the moved Muwan brought a heart made of sap that Ixkik' made to the lords instead. Then Muwan brought her out of Xib’alb’a,

When the lords got annoy by the noises of Jun'ajpu' and Xb'alamkej, they sent Muwan to invite them as well. She went to their grandmother, Xumucane, who passed on the message.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

Ah-Puch, her master

Muwan appears to Zane Obispo outside the volcano after he kills a Demon Runner and Rosie dies, telling him “the prophecy has begun”. After she dodged a rock Zane threw at her, she took off into the sky.

After Ah-Puch is freed, she gives him blood to feed on and he returns her to normal after taking a more handsome appearance. Two days later, she and Ah-Puch arrive at Jordan and Bird's party. She devours a nearby snake before leaving with Ah-Puch.

Muwan attacks Zane and Quinn in the Old World rainforest the next day. She hits Quinn once, then the next time tearing her wing. When she comes in for the kill, Zane yells "You suck!" at her and throws his spear. She is pushed into the sharp branches, which tear her open, killing her.

The Fire Keeper

Zane mentions her when encountering Ah-Puch in San Miguel de Allende.


Muwan is described as a black owl, when she takes human form she appears as an elderly woman with tattered gray hair and no teeth.

After her master is free, he restores her form to that of a woman in her early twenties with dark skin and black hair wearing a silver dress.


Muwan is shown to be a devoted follower of Ah-Puch, as she is willing to follow him anywhere and do what ever he asks of her.


  • The name Muwan can mean Owl, Moan Bird, Fire, and God of Rain and Clouds.
  • In some versions of Popol Vuh, Muwan is actually four separate messenger owls. Their names are Shooting Owl, One-legged Owl, Macaw Owl, and Skull Owl.[1]
  • Muwan is also a Mayan Zodiac sign between from May 2nd to May 21st. During this time, cacao plantation owners gave thanks to the gods who protected their trees. Dogs and blue iguanas were sacrificed in the groves and each of the officers was given a cacao branch.[2]


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