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Mythomagic is a collectible card and figurine game involved trading cards and miniature figurines. It is focused on Greek mythology.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Titan's Curse

Nico di Angelo, a player of Mythomagic

Nico di Angelo is seen with playing with Mythomagic cards and figures multiple times early in the story. Every time he met a mythological creature, he would often say something about their abilities within the game or whether or not he had that particular figurine.

Nico even tried to teach Grover how to play. Nico stops Dionysus from attempting to kill Percy by telling him about his card and how Dionysus is considered the weakest god card by most players, but how he thinks his powers are "totally sweet," distracting and flustering the god enough for Percy to divert his attention.

The Battle of the Labyrinth

Nico is seen burning the Mythomagic cards in a fire near the River Styx and calling it a "childish game" and saying that he "couldn't believe he ever liked this" in an Iris Message Percy was sent by Bianca di Angelo.

Near the end of the book, Percy teases Nico by saying that Hades has 4000 attack points in the game, but Nico corrects saying he has 5000, but only if the opponent attacks first.

The Heroes of Olympus

Frank Zhang, a former player of Mythomagic.

The Son of Neptune

Percy, Hazel, and Frank see several First and Second Cohort members playing Mythomagic inside their base when they should be guarding their banner during the Roman War Games. Their version of the card game is believed to feature the Roman aspects of the gods.

The House of Hades

Nico di Angelo and Frank are discussing the monsters waiting for them outside, katoblepones, with Triptolemus. Nico soon realizes (and mentions) that he actually remembers reading about the Katobleps, as it was one of the monster cards in Mythomagic. Frank speaks up, saying he played Mythomagic and never saw that card. Nico then tells him the card was in the Africanus Extreme expansion deck.

Known Mythomagic Cards/Figurines and their Powers

Card/Figurine Powers
Manticore Three thousand attack power, +5 to saving throws
Dionysus Five hundred attack points. Weakest God card
Zeus Lightning bolts that do 600 damage
Hades 4000 attack power, 5000 if opponent attacks first.
Apollo +30 health, 2000 defense
Athena +100 knowledge, 3000 attack

Blood rage/infinite health for 3 rounds.

Kronos Infinite attack and defense power
Katobleps Poisoned eyes and breath

Hades Figurine

In the graphic novel.

In the game Mythomagic, the Hades figurine was the last figurine Nico needed. In The Titan's Curse, Bianca took one from The Junkyard of the Gods, causing the prototype Talos to awaken. It cost her life, due to it awakening a prototype of Talos. Percy gives it to Nico later, but he doesn't accept it until the The Battle of the Labyrinth. The figurine is what makes Percy realize that Hades is Nico's father.

In Camp Half-Blood (Real world)

Some of the Camp Half-Blood Literary camps across the country, most notably the one in Austin, Texas and Decatur, Georgia have created their own versions of Mythomagic based on the one in the book. Campers (who each control one hero) team up against a single counselor (who controls all the monsters).

The game is played on Hero click boards, a miniature Greek temple or a pyramid set (for Camp Kane, but it can be used for Camp Half-Blood also). Every year, they play a championship, in which four random players are chosen to fight a boss battle (i.e.: a Titan, Cerberus, river demons, a tank, etc.). They have only had one in which nobody has died. The winner (whoever strikes the final blow) of the championship gets their own figure based on them. However, because the merchandising rights to the series were sold to Fox (along with the movie rights), no official version has been released to the general public.


  • The rules appear to be very complicated, with similarity in rules to the rules of real-life card games like Magic, The Gathering, and tabletop role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Both Nico and Frank play Mythomagic.