Nabbi's Tavern is a tavern in Nidavellir that belongs to Nabbi.


Nabbi's Tavern is a claustrophobic tunnel. The ceiling is a low-clearance hazard. The walls were papered with old fight posters like DONNER THE DESTROYER VS. MINI-MURDERER, ONE NIGHT ONLY! featuring pictures of muscular, snarling dwarves in wrestling masks. Every single table and chair is unique – apparently handcrafted from various metals, with different designs and upholstery. One table is shaped like a bronze wagon wheel with a glass top. Another have a tin and brass chessboard hammered into the surface. Some chairs had wheels. Others have adjustable booster seats. Some had massage controls or propellers on the back. Over by the left wall, a dart board is hanging on the wall. The board’s rings rotated and blew steam. The bar is made out of polished oak.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Magnus Chase and Blitzen go to the tavern to talk with Junior.

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