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Once I deliver you, the emperor will surely see that and forgive me.

–Macro on regaining his former glory by taking Apollo to Caligula in The Burning Maze.

Naevius Sutorius Macro was a prefect of the Praetorian Guard from 31 to 38 CE, serving under emperors Tiberius and Caligula. He was also the owner of Macro’s Military Madness.


Naevius Sutorius Macro replaced Sejanus as head of the Praetorian Guard after emperor Tiberius executed the latter for trying to seize power. But Macro killed Tiberius using his own pillow on orders of Caligula, the dying emperor attempted to fight back but failed. Then, he met up with Caligula who was overlooking the Gulf of Naples to inform him of Tiberius' death. He showed him the scratches the late emperor gave him to prove that he was dead, Tiberius was said to have died several times before but turned out to be alive. Macro called Caligula "Princeps" and said Tiberius' pillow was the easiest thing to kill him with. Macro said "Hail, Caesar!" and Caligula took the throne the next day. But soon Caligula began to distrust Macro, the emperor ordered his arrest and Macro committed suicide before he could be executed.

Thousands of years later, Macro was called back to life by Caligula and agreed to serve him because the latter allowed him to come back. But he and his Automaton troops, which replaced Germani since they caused the emperor's mortal death, were exiled to Palm Springs for malfunctioning and failing him too many times. They were replaced by human mercenaries, Strixes and Pandai.

The Trials of Apollo

The Burning Maze

Naevius Sutorius Macro first appears in a dream of Apollo's telling Caligula that he successfully killed Tiberius, allowing Caligula to take the throne.

Soon after Gleeson Hedge comes shopping at his store, Macro finds the fallen god and Grover Underwood looking for the older Satyr. He checked to make sure it was Apollo promising comping purchases and red carpet, if not he would kill him out of disappointment. He plans to kill the satyrs but save Apollo for Caligula in hopes that the emperor would forgive him. Macro is also honored that the god remembers him and says Caligula's full name: Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus.

It was there that Apollo decided that they should make a run for it, Macro orders the automatons to be careful with Apollo. He is disappointed that they are trashing his store but has plenty of automatons in storage. Apollo admitted that Macro was good at sneaking up on people, the latter also mentions a less loyal magical friend of Caligula. He also called Incitatus who would be there any minute. The three escape him and he fears for his safety, Naevius Sutorius Macro was killed again when his automatons self-destructed due to Apollo accidentally activating Plan Petersburg instead of Plan Thermopylae.


Naevius Sutorius Macro had a gleaming, bald head and veins bulging on his neck. He wore a dress shirt and yellow vest that could barely contain his bulky arm muscles. His bushy, white eyebrows gave him a startled expression. He was almost seven feet tall and must have weighed close to three hundred pounds. He also has old white scars on his forearms he received from Tiberius, whose desperate fingernails raked the flesh trying to stop Macro from killing him.

In Apollo's flashback dream, Macro wore armor and a praetorian guard's helmet that hid his face. At the time, the scars on his massive hairy forearms were bloody scratches that glistened in the moonlight.


  • According to some sources, Macro was promised the governorship of Egypt but upon arriving at Ostia with his wife, Ennia, to take ship, he was instead arrested and stripped of his office in the year 38 AD. But Macro was able to leave enough money to provide an amphitheater for his home town of Alba Fucens.
The Trials of Apollo
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