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Takshaka, a king of the Naga

A Naga ("NAG-uh"), or Nagini ("NAH-gee-nee") for females, is one of a group of serpentine beings who are magical, unquestionably enimagtic,[1] and, depending on the region in India, considered divine.[2]


Among the most famous nagas was Vasuki, one of the king serpents who was used as a rope when the gods and asuras churned the Ocean of Milk to get the elixir of life. Another is Uloopi, a nagini princess who fell in love with Arjuna, married him, and used a magical gem to save his life.[3]

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Aru Shah and the End of Time

The names of both Uloopi and Surasa were seen on two thrones each of the Council of Guardians in the Court of the Sky.

One female naga named Jaani at the Night Bazaar fought for control of feral a shopping cart and won. When in line and in front of Aru Shah, she complained to her husband that she was going to miss her haircut appointment that took her months to book. He responded saying that this was a different world that was less safe and secure, that he was also aware of the disappearance of the Vahanas and time stopping. But some places in the United States of America weren't the same, Jaani tried to assure him that there was a good reason but he said that the mortals were befuddled.[4]

At the tourism headquarters of the Otherworld, the island where the Ocean of Milk was churned, there was a poster that advertised the underwater City of Snakes. It said: COME FOR THE SCENERY, STAY FOR THE SLITHERING BEAUTIES!

Aru Shah and the Song of Death

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Jaani had a snake tail and a cobra hood. her husband. Her husband had a forked tongue and a tail with bronze coils. The poster for the city of snakes contained a very attractive naga model with shiny fangs. It can be assumed that most nagini look like this.

Notable Nagas


  • The word Jaani is a term of endearment that means life or sweetheart.
  • The word Naga means snake in Sanskrit while means Nagini means female snake. Lord Voldemort's pet snake in Harry Potter and cobra characters Nag and Nagaina from Rudyard Kipling's Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, in some translations, are named after Nagini.[8]


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