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The Naga Realm is an underwater Otherworld location home to the Nagas.


Uloopi, queen of the Naga Realm

Nearby Uloopi's old palace was a door that lead through sewers with grates underneath a naga city that looked like New York City with wide boulevards, fashionable nagas and naginis slithering down the streets with shopping bags in their hands. Some of the names of the storefronts were Fangs "R" Us and Ophidian Emporium: Your One-Stop Shop For All Things Scaly, this included a Apple store and Slitherbucks. There were also seascrapers, huge, twisting spires that looked like they were hewn out of the bones of some long-forgotten sea creature and were so tall the almost touched the top of an air bubble. Anemone the color of moonlight bloomed in the alleys.

It was all nestled in a giant bubble in the middle of the ocean like a snow globe, only underneath was a horrible stench and slimy underground tunnels. On the floor were snake skins crumbled like soggy paper.

Termincal C

This terminal is part of an underwater airport with bright coral doors. The floor was hard-packed sand and business woman typed away on glowing laptops. The security lines were similar to the ones in the Night Bazaar. In the ceiling above, a large sand dollar with words like DUSK in purple ink rotates, a faint line of light shot out from its middle like a clock, the allows the passengers to see what time it is there. There was also a giant open clamshell which contained an information screen inside. Being inside the airport was like standing inside a large, blown-glass jellyfish that protected the inside people from water.

Outside, animals that includes humpback whales, eels with seaweed for belts, orcas and humongous sea turtles had air bubbles on their backs to transport passengers. Large glowing fish swam in straight lines to guide the animals and a large octopus detached the pods from the aquaticrafts then slotted them into hatches in the airport.

To get there, a portal is located on the left side of the Georgia Aquarium. It contains a long underwater tunnel filled animals like jellyfish and sharks.


The terminal at the capital of the naga kingdom was vast but dark like an art deco train station. The walls were covered with overlapping jewels that looked like serpent scales. Living, hissing cobras with tongues of flame cast the only light. At the end of the hall, their glimmers turned wavy, like moonlight hitting the sides of a sea cave. One exit tunnel lead to the baggage and scales claim and another lead to customs for non-naga residents. Flat black tiles cut into the shape of snakes formed the floor, it can open into frigid pitch-black water.

Underneath the water was an ocean with fish. There was a seabed with phosphorescent seashells lighting it up like a motion-activated sidewalk. Shadows carved out of a sunken, ruined city. Seaweed-choked statues of nagas stuck up out of the sandy bottom.

Varuna's Palace

Aiden and Aru fighting a giant crab in Varuna's arena

Eels drop people and nagas off here on a rocky pedestal. With the sweep of a current, they are a pathway made of polished mother-of-pearl that lead to most beautiful (in a slightly bizarre way) place which looked a bit traditional on one hand. The path wound through a sea garden of blooming anemone, stately coral columns, and topiaries of kelp in neat, organized plots. One section of the palace was hauled-together parts of shipwrecks. A neon Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville beamed above a spire. The front steps were patterned with spare change that had fallen from the bottom of the sea. At the open entrance stood a huge blue lotus flower with its petals waving gently in the water, each petal bore the name of a different ocean: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Artic, and the Ocean of Milk.

Inside the palace was a vast atrium, chandeliers of jellyfish and moonstone floated above. There was a rug inscribed with the words DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL and a large velvet lotus flower that looked like an arm chair in the middle of the room.

Going down a dark narrow passageway with no fish lanterns, only phosphorescent shells set into the walls gave off light. They were several wooden doors locked with menacing iron bolts, the last one led to a massive arena with and exit on the other end leading to a dry corridor. A tunnel on the right lead to a damp passage that opened into Uloopi's courtyard.

Uloopi's Old Palace

This palace was built in honor of Queen Uloopi and her consort, Prince Arjuna. After many years, it was mostly dry with just a few tidal pools scattered around the ruins-serpentine pillars and crumbled walls studded with sapphires and emeralds. There were fish spines on the ground and a massive black rock in the distance, there was also a broken coral-and-pearl chandelier with some kelp on it. In a nearby black rock with three caves in it lived the three Nagini who guard secrets, knowledge and treasure. They can make a vision of what the ruin used to be, a picture of its former grandeur with regrown spires, right walls and no skeletons.

Naga Treasury

Takshaka, guardian of the treasury

Its guardian is Takshaka, a former king originating from the Khandava Forest. A door leading to the treasury was in the middle of the sewage system, it had bronze insignia and a couple of bronze buttons on it. If one is pushed, a circular plate anyone is standing whooshes downward three hundred feet into the treasury.

Inside the belly of the naga treasury were wall torches in the shape of snakes with tongues of flame dimly illuminating a wide circular space about the size of a football field. Hundreds of shelves that ran from the floor to ceiling surrounded the treasury. Some of the untold wonders from Hindu stories here were a crystal goblet labeled Prophetic Dreams that was full of bright jewels, bottled constellations, and the jaw-bone of some deep-sea creature that opened and closed as if it remembered chewing a former enemy. Kamadeva also gave Uloopi his bow and arrow for her to put in the treasury after it gained a dark power of cutting out hearts after Rati felt great pain when he was incinerated by Shiva. However, it was soon stolen by someone who left their soul song behind in the treasury.

Pandava Quintet

Aru Shah and the Song of Death

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