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“Now, please hold still, won’t you? I’m just going to smash your heads with this.”

–Nanette, The Dark Prophecy.

Nanette is a Blemmyae who attacked Apollo, Calypso, and Leo Valdez in Indianapolis.

The Trials of Apollo

The Dark Prophecy

Nannette is the first to spot the three near Festus, and calls the other blemmyae over. Calypso tries to punch and kick her, resulting in a broken hand and ankle. The sorceress does succeed in knocking Nanette's metal head off, resulting in her revealing her chest-face once she realizes there's no point in hiding. Apollo recognizes her as a blemmyae and the trio run away when Nanette and a mob of blemmyae give chase. After entering a plaza, Nanette corners the group and prepares to kill them, but is killed when Emmie hits her between the eyes with an arrow.

Later, she shows up again near the exit of Trophonius's cave, along with two other blemmyae (one of which was Eduardo) and a bomb, with the intention of blowing the cave up. She spots Apollo and Meg in the water, and Apollo is forced to improvise. He tricks her into taking the five-second bomb timer underwater to blow up the cave by convincing the blemmyae that the timer takes ten seconds to detonate underwater, and she dies in the explosion.


Like other blemmyae, Nanette was very polite and rather uncreative, allowing her to be easily tricked.


While disguised as a mortal Nanette wore a purple-and-yellow honeysuckle-pattern dress, a stainless steel head complete with garish purple lipstick and eye shadow, and a 1950s bouffant hairstyle. In her disguise, Nanatte's chest-face caused her stomach to appear protruding and lumpy.

In her true blemmyae form Nanette's proportions were off, with too-wide shoulders and spindly arms and legs. Like all blemmyae, Nanette had two large, bulging brown eyes in place of a woman's brassiere, a large nose protruding from her sternum, and a hideous mouth with orange lips and teeth like a spread of white playing cards across her sternum.


  • Enhanced Strength: As a blemmyae Nanette had superhuman strength.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Nanette had thick skin that enable her to absorb heavy blows.
  • Limited immunity: Nanette, like all blemmyae, had a limited immunity to some diseases.


  • Due to her unique eye position, Nanette had terrible depth perception.

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