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"The first one who gets that bronze, I will like you almost as much as I like me. I might even kiss you, right after I kiss my reflection!"

–Narcissus to his admirers after Leo and Hazel steal the bronze he uses as a mirror in, The Mark of Athena.

Narcissus in Greek mythology, was an extremely beautiful hunter from the territory of Thespiae in Boeotia. He later died after being cursed by Nemesis to fall in love with his own reflection.


After Narcissus had been born, his mother Liriope consulted the prophet Tiresias about his fate, who told her that he would only live long "if he did not become acquainted with himself". These words were regarded as meaningless, but once, as Narcissus was hunting in the woods, he was followed by Echo, a nymph who was attracted by his beauty. She wanted to speak to him, but since she had been cursed by Hera to speak only what was spoken to her, she was unable to do so. Narcissus felt someone nearby, and when he asked who was there, she could only repeat his words. Then, as she tried to embrace him he fled, rejecting her as he had rejected many other nymphs. Echo left and lived in a cave, until her body was consumed by love and only her voice remained. Eventually, someone who had been scorned by him put a curse upon him which would cause him to love, but be unable to obtain the one whom he would love; so one day Nemesis led him, tired of hunting and of the sun's heat, to a certain spring that had clear and reflective water, which he attempted to quench his thirst with. However, as soon as he saw his reflection, he fell in love with it and, not knowing that it was just an image and not an actual person, he grieved that he could not grasp it. Realizing at last that it was a mere illusion and a reflection of himself, he died. But even after he was taken to the Underworld, he would still gaze at his reflection in the River Styx.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Mark of Athena

Hazel Levesque and Leo Valdez met Narcissus at the Salt Lake in Utah, when they were looking for Celestial Bronze needed for the repairs of the damaged Argo II. They found that Narcissus was using it as a mirror to admire his own reflection and was not willing to give it up or exchange it. Because of this, Leo came up with a plan to steal the shield out from under him. A nymph known as Echo, who still loved Narcissus and only wanted to help him, agreed to the plan as it could snap him out of his curse. While Leo Valdez and Echo managed to distract Narcissus, Hazel Levesque used geokinesis to pull the metal shield under the earth toward her.

However, Narcissus soon realized that Leo was somehow tricking him and quickly turned around to see that the shield was gone. When he saw them running away with it, he told the nymphs that were all in love with him that if they got back his mirror, he would like them almost as much as he liked himself. The nymphs became a mob, running after them and trying to get it back. They ultimately failed as Leo and Hazel escaped the island. Echo, on the other hand, stayed behind as she still loved Narcissus and wanted to continue to try and save him from his curse.


Narcissus cares only for himself and little for others. Even before being cursed to fall in love with his own reflection, he was known for breaking the hearts of the many ladies that loved him. Even after being revived, he still uses his looks to control women and use them as he sees fit. Despite only loving himself, he can get easily enraged if someone insults him in any way, possibly being the only way to make him not look at himself. He also is somewhat intelligent, figuring out Leo's plan was a distraction almost instantly.


Narcissus is described in The Mark of Athena as an extremely handsome young man of either seventeen or twenty, with dark hair that swept over his brow. He had a chiseled face with lips and eyes that were somewhere between feminine beautiful and masculine handsome, and his built was that of a dancer - with long graceful arms and muscular legs, perfect posture and an air of regal calm.


  • Hunting: Narcissus used to be a skilled hunter before he was cursed by Nemesis.


  • His name means "sleep and numbness".
  • Narcissus is the origin of the term Narcissism, a fixation with oneself.
  • The Narcissistic Personality Disorder, one that centers of self-absorption, is also named after Narcissus.
  • He is the second Homosexual male in the series the first being Nico di Angelo.
  • The other name for the plant Daffodil is Narcissus, in fact, it is believed that the plant sprang up from where he died.
  • According to one of the nymphs, there is a video of Narcissus on YouTube just looking at himself. It got over a million views in one hour.
  • Narcissus is also the name of Commodus' personal trainer and wrestling partner who drowned him in his bathtub. The glossary of The Dark Prophecy states that the two Narcissuses are not the same.


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