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That’s why I bring you here Magnus. Can’t you feel it? He’s all around us.

–Natalie talking to Magnus Chase about his father when he was little, The Sword of Summer.

Natalie Chase was the younger sister of Frederick and Randolph Chase, the mother of Norse demigod Magnus Chase and the aunt of Emma, Aubrey, Bobby, Matthew and Annabeth Chase.


Early Life

Natalie grew up in her family's mansion, but she preferred being outdoors in the wilderness. At one point she met and fell in love with the Norse god Frey, and the two were in a relationship that resulted in the birth of their son Magnus Chase. She would frequently take him camping and describe his father to him.

Rift with siblings

When Magnus was six, Natalie and her brothers got into a huge argument at Thanksgiving, thus causing a rift in the family. Magnus never knew what the argument was about, though it possibly had something to do with Randolph demanding something from her and her refusing to give it to him.


Eight years later, when Magnus was fourteen, Natalie was killed by wolves with "glowing blue eyes" sent by the Fenris Wolf to test Magnus.

Just before she died, she told Magnus to avoid his uncle Randolph at all costs, which he did for two years.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Natalie was mentioned frequently throughout the book by numerous characters. She was also seen in a flashback made by her son.

Hel tricked Magnus into thinking that Natalie's soul resides in Helheim, the afterlife for those who died out of battle (e.g. old age and illness). Hel offered Magnus a chance to be reunited with his mother if he gave his uncle Randolph his sword Jack, to which Magnus refused as he believed that Natalie wouldn't have wanted that.

At the end of the book, Magnus is given Natalie's ashes by Frey and along with Annabeth, and scatters them in the Blue Hills.

The Hammer of Thor

Natalie is seen in a picture of herself and her brothers in Magnus' suite.  

The Ship of the Dead

Whilst approaching Naglfar with Samirah al-Abbas and Alex Fierro, Magnus sees a opening to Helheim and hears of the voices of Natalie, Randolph, Caroline and Emma calling out to him.


Magnus describes his mom as an adult version of "Tinker Bell". She is a petite lady with delicate features and a spray of freckles across her nose. She has short blonde pixie hair and leaf-green eyes that sparkle with humor. She is known for her love of flannel, denim, and Doc Martens.


Magnus Chase - son of Natalie

Natalie Chase had a life of the outdoor and camping. She was a kind woman who loved her son and had no negative feelings towards Frey for leaving them. She loved her son with all her heart and eventually saved him from the wolves.


  • Natalie is a feminine given name derived from the Latin name Natalia meaning “Christmas Day.”
  • Chase is a Middle English surname meaning hunt or chase. It is also the occupation name for a hunter.



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