The Nemean Lion's pelt is a magical spoil of war formerly owned by Hercules after he used the lion's own claws to skin it, for one of his twelve labors. The pelt is later owned by Percy Jackson in The Titan's Curse, after his plan allows Zoë Nightshade to kill the Nemean Lion, leaving its pelt to be claimed by him.

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Hercules wearing the pelt

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Titan's Curse

Although in ancient times it remained a lion's pelt, in modern times the Mist transforms it into a full-length golden brown duster that protects the wearer from the elements and all forms of attack. It was obtained when Percy used unwrapped freeze-dried "space food" from the gift shop at the National Space and Air Museum inside the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. to distract it, while Bianca di Angelo and Zoë, Artemis' lieutenant in the ranks of the Hunters of Artemis, shot the inside of its mouth with arrows. Even though Zoë was the one to kill the monster, she gave the pelt to Percy because he came up with the idea and would have lost to the lion without his help. The pelt is later used as an offering to Poseidon so that Grover Underwood and the Ophiotaurus will make it back to the East Coast safely.



The Nemean Lion's pelt was once worn by a son of Zeus, Hercules, in ancient times. Little is revealed about what he did with it in the book except that he wore it as a cape to protect himself throughout his twelve labors.

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson, a former owner of the pelt.

Percy Jackson later won the pelt after defeating the lion in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.; it proved useful to him several times in battle with the skeletons that the Titan General, Atlas, sent after him and Thalia Grace. When Percy wore it, it took the form of a full-length golden-brown duster.



Poseidon, the current owner of the pelt.

Percy later tosses the pelt into the sea as a sacrifice for Poseidon, as Grover tells him that he can take the Ophiotaurus the Titans were chasing back to Olympus.


Commodus owns several outfits made out of Nemean lion skin. These include a racing uniform, hunting fatigues, an Italian business suit, and swim trunks.

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