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Nemesis' cabin (#16) is the cabin that houses the demigod offspring of Nemesis, the minor goddess of retribution, vengeance, balance, justice.


It has an unknown number of occupants as the cabin wasn't constructed until after The Last Olympian and was not mentioned in The Lost Hero. The cabin is confirmed however through an interactive map of Camp Half-Blood, found on Rick Riordan's official website. Nemesis is the patron of this cabin, and is the goddess of revenge and balance. Leo said in The Mark of Athena that there is a broken wheel over the door, resembling Pac-Man. There are torches lighting up the place on the outside. It is unknown what the cabin looks like on the inside.


Magical Items

  • None are mentioned.


  • They believe that people who are full of themselves should be brought down.
  • They never forget an insult.
  • They make good allies.
  • They are loyal to their allies until they prove untrustworthy or betray them.
  • They are good at making hard decisions when others aren't.
  • They are able to sense when someone is vengeful and want to serve justice to another.
  • They never stop a mission to serve justice to someone who has wronged them.
  • They often stand up to those who are bullies and think of themselves as being above everyone else.
  • They always dislike people who are full of themselves.
  • They often help others when pursuing the act of vengeance and retribution.
  • They never tolerate someone who tries to deny punishment for their lives.
  • They often are accepting of their actions and the punishments and consequences that come with them.
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