I am sorry for using her as a host. It was a poor choice, which almost destroyed us both. Guard her well, Carter Kane. She has a good heart, and an important destiny.

–Nephthys to Carter Kane, in The Throne of Fire

Nephthys is the Egyptian goddess of Mourning, Lamentation, Sleep, Rivers, the Night and Protector of The Dead. She was born on the Fifth Demon Day. In a later life, she married her former brother Set and became the mother of Anubis.


It is known that Nephthys was at Osiris's birthday party the day he was murdered, and had also tried to stop her husband, Set and save her sister, Isis, from him, too.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

When Sadie Kane tries to find Nephthys to tell her Set's Secret Name, Nephthys tells her she is in a "sleeping host". No one knows it at the time, but the host is Zia.

The Throne of Fire

Nephthys is seen when Carter wakes Zia at the Nile. She does not flicker at water like other gods do due to the fact that she is a water goddess. Instead, she appears very strong and healthy. Nephthys apologizes to Carter for taking Zia as a host, which caused her imprisonment. She also informs him to protect her, for she will play an important role in defeating Apophis. After Carter asked what she meant, Nephthys melted in the form of water into the Nile, and Bes says that the Nile was where she belonged, and that it was her "true" body.


Bast notes that she is unpredictable, but little is truly known about her. Nephthys seems to care for her sister, risking Set's wrath by helping Isis escape when he attempted to kill her. Set tells Zia's shabti, thinking it is Nephthys, that in one life, she was his treacherous sister, and in another, his treacherous wife. This is probably because she sided against Set.


Nephthys herself has only been described as 'slender'; since her reawakening, she presumably has kept Zia's appearance while possessing her. When she left Zia's body, she was described as having long black hair and regal features, like Isis, but with kinder eyes and gentler smile. She was dressed in a blue dress and a silver Egyptian crown.


Nephthys's powers and abilities remain unknown, but as a river goddess she can communicate through rivers, particularly if she has a connection with the one she is speaking with. She is assumed to have all the standard powers of a god. Since she is a water goddess, she can probably control water, as she encased Zia in a sarcophagus made of water while hosting her to protect them both. Running water, unlike to most gods, doesn't affect Nephthys as when Carter says she was glowing with a blue aura of power and how she was an exception about the whole running water thing, since it seemed to give her power. She is also presumed to be able to use Necromancy and Death Magic, as she is known as the Protector of the Dead, and is also the Goddess of Death and Lamentation. Set says she is the weakest of the five Demon Days gods, though it remains uncertain if it was true or not.


Set: Although there seems to be some mutual love between the two, they do not always trust each other. Nephthys has sided against her husband more than once and likewise, Set was willing to sacrifice her to gain power. However, seeing as he told her his secret name, it is likely that he cares more for her than he leads on.

Isis: Nephthys seems to love her sister very much, even willing to attack Set to protect her. She was later willing to help Isis and Sadie fight Set and keep him from destroying North America.

Anubis: Nepthys gave up her son to Isis after he was born to protect him from Set, but it appears she has spoken with Anubis on friendly terms since then, as shown when he asks Sadie to trust her.



  • Set's Greek version is Typhon. But Nephthys' Greek equivalent is most likely Persephone, as Anubis' father is sometimes shown as Osiris, not Set, and Osiris' Greek equivalent is Hades.
  • Her more accurate Greek equivalent would be Tethys, Titaness river goddess and mother of all rivers.  In Greek Mythology, she is said to have created all great rivers in the world, including the Nile.
  • Her Greco-Roman equivalent could also be Hypnos/Somnus.
  • Her traits resemble River Cocytus, The River of Lamentation in Underworld.
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