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Netjeri Blade

A Netjeri blade is a knife made from meteoric iron and is used in the opening of the mouth in a ceremony[1]. Anubis gives one to Sadie Kane. They can also be used as weapons, as shown by Sarah Jacobi.

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

Anubis, god of funerals, gives Sadie this knife, explaining its use in the opening of the mouth ceremony. The Mad Claude tried to force her to use it to free him and his friends, but she refused and was only saved by the intervention of the god Ptah. When Sadie joins the three scrolls of Ra, she chants the inscription until she finds Ra and uses the knife to wake him up by touching his mouth with it.

The Serpent's Shadow

Sarah Jacobi holds Amos Kane hostage with one then throws it at Sadie Kane to try to kill her. However, Walt Stone, now hosting the god Anubis, steps in and turns it into ash with a touch. Sarah readies another one, but Walt/Anubis summons spirits to drag her to the Underworld before she can use it. These blades are also used to maim Leonid.


The knife is made from meteroic iron. Sadie describes its shape similar to a Sweeney Todd razor: long, curvy, and wickedly sharp along one edge, made from black metal.



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