New Rome is guarded by the Roman campers of Camp Jupiter in order to be a refuge for Roman demigods, legacies, nature spirits, and minor gods. It is located somewhere along the Little Tiber and Romans must serve ten years in the legion to live and retire there. Currently, it is located in California of the Western United States in the Berkeley Hills.



Terminus, the god who guards New Rome.

The buildings are made of white marble with red-tiled roofs and include townhouses and shops (in addition to the domed Senate house), a forum studded with statues and columns, and models of the Circus Maximus and the Coliseum. Some of the marble buildings have domes and columned porticoes, like national monuments. Others look like palaces, with golden doors and large gardens. The open plaza resembles an open-air market with freestanding columns, fountains, and statues. The Coliseum is five-story-tall that gleams in the sun, next to the Forum. It provides housing and education for demigods and their families once their ten years with the legion are up. Just outside of the city is Temple Hill, with temples to many of the Roman gods. The city is a sacred 'safe zone' in the words of Frank Zhang; no weapons are allowed inside the Pomerian Line that defines its boundaries. This is guarded and enforced by Terminus, the statue god of boundaries.

The citizens of New Rome are almost all veterans of the legion, some of whom apparently have seats in the Senate where they advise the current praetors; these veterans are also called upon as a reserve force to defend New Rome, which is in The Son of Neptune.

After the battle with Gaea, it is said by Annabeth and Percy that both Reyna and Frank had allowed them to attend college within New Rome and live the rest of their lives there after they finish their senior year in New York.

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