New York City is where Percy Jackson, lives and attends school and the location of Camp Half-Blood (located on Long Island). Mount Olympus is located on the mystical 600th floor of the Empire State Building. Most of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians takes place there. The Battle of Manhattan took place in New York City as well. The 21st Nome is also located there.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Last Olympian

The fight between the demigods and Kronos' army is located in Manhattan. During the fight, the island is magically separated from the rest of New York. Also, Morpheus puts all of the mortals in Manhattan to sleep during the war.

The Kane Chronicles

The 21st Nome is located in Brooklyn. Magicians, the House of Life, and Egyptian gods generally tend to avoid Manhattan as it tends to have other "problems" by way of the presence of Olympus atop the Empire State Building.


The Empire State Building

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The Empire State Building is the new home of the Olympian gods, as Olympus floats above it. Percy visits this building many times during the series to visit the gods.

The Brooklyn Battery Tunnel


The Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

The Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, officially known as the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel, is a toll road in Manhattan. It runs under the East River and connects the Brooklyn borough to the Manhattan borough. In The Last Olympian during the Battle of Manhattan, the Demeter cabin was sent to guard the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. The Demeter campers grew thorns and poison ivy to keep the monsters at bay.

Queens-Midtown Tunnel

The Queens-Midtown Tunnel (sometimes simply known as the Midtown Tunnel) is a highway tunnel and toll road. It crosses under the East River and connects the Borough of Queens (at the Long Island City terminus of I-495) on Long Island with the borough of Manhattan.

In The Last Olympian, during the Battle of Manhattan, the Aphrodite cabin were sent to guard this tunnel. The perfume Givenchy (which apparently monsters hate the smell of) may have been sprayed in this tunnel to keep the Titan Army away.

Williamsburg Bridge

The Williamsburg Bridge is a bridge in the city of Manhattan. In The Last Olympian, during the Battle of Manhattan, the Apollo cabin was sent to defend the Williamsburg Bridge. When the Apollo cabin (with the help of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase) drove back the Titan army, Kronos engaged Percy in a duel. During this duel, Kronos sent a wave of energy that almost destroyed the bridge. Percy summoned his power to destroy the bridge completely, stopping Kronos from proceeding to Manhattan. However, Michael Yew disappeared and was later revealed to have died.

The Holland Tunnel

The Holland Tunnel is a highway tunnel under the Hudson River connecting the island of Manhattan in New York City with Jersey City. In The Last Olympian, during the Battle of Manhattan, the Hephaestus cabin was positioned here. The campers left traps and used Greek fire to defend the tunnel and Manhattan.


The Hudson River

Main article: The Hudson River Spirit

The Hudson River is a river surrounding the island of Manhattan. The spirit of the river dislikes Percy and The East River spirit. He is very polluted.

The East River

Main article: The East River Spirit

The East River is the other river surrounding the island of Manhattan. The spirit of the river dislikes Percy and is a rival of the Hudson River spirit. He is also known to be very polluted.


  • While not mentioned in the series itself, the borough Manhattan, where the Olympians live, is avoided by certain other gods.
  • The City was founded by the Dutch and was originally named New Amsterdam.
  • The five boroughs of New York are Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens , Staten Island, and The Bronx.
  • The Williamsburg Bridge is the scene of some important events such as:
    • the disappearance/death of Michael Yew, head counselor of the Apollo cabin
    • the second defeat of the Minotaur by Percy Jackson
    • Annabeth being injured by Ethan Nakamura in saving Percy, thus leading to him telling her his vulnerable spot.
    • The Williamsburg Bridge also appears in The Kane Chronicles.


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