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Nidavellir (meaning "the dark fields"; pronounced "nih-DA-vel-EAR") is one of the Nine Worlds and is the home of the Dwarves. Being all underground, there is no sunlight and is instead lit by a special glowing moss. One section of Nidavellir is Svartalfheim.


Nidavellir is described as chilly and dark and the buildings are equally gloomy, though the furnishings are one-of-a kind creations. Three-story terraced clapboard houses edged the sidewalk. At the end of the block, a tavern's grimy windows glow with neon drink signs. A terraced house is located across the street from Svartalf Mart.

Blirzen's house has spare but stylish furniture: an L-shaped sofa and two space-age armchairs. Neatly arranged on the coffee table was a spread of dwarf men’s fashion and interior-design magazines.

Kenning square looked like a basketball court without the baskets. A chain-link fence borders a stretch of cracked asphalt. Along one side stands a row of stone pillars carved like totem poles with dragon heads, centipedes and troll faces. Along the other side, bleachers were packed with dwarf spectators. On the court, where the free-throw lines would’ve been, two open-air blacksmith shops were ready for action. Each have a forge with bellows to stoke the fire, an assortment of anvils, a few sturdy tables, and racks of tools that looked like torture equipment. It's said that Nidavellir almost resembles South Boston.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Magnus Chase and Blitzen are sent to Nidavellir by Freya to get her new earrings. They then run into Samirah al-Abbas and Hearthstone. After the crafting contest they are chased out of Nidavellir and escape by jumping into a river.

9 from the Nine Worlds

This Little Light Of Mine, I'm Going to Let It Shine

When Blitzen returns to his apartment in Nidavellir for supplies, Junior finds him and the son of Freya is chased by the dwarf's friends. He ducks in to a seedy bar and is tasked by Mimir to save Thor from Alviss's revenge plan.

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