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The Night Bazaar is a location within the Otherworld where humans purchase dreams on a string. According to Boo, if one had a good singing voice they could use it to buy rice pudding dusted with moonlight.[1] It becomes available only for a select few like the Pandavas who stop looking so hard, other folks in the Otherworld see it as a Costco depending on who you are and what you need.[2] Time moves faster in here.

Locations within the Night Bazaar

Like every Costco, the Night Bazaar had the musty and industrial smell of supermarket, a parking lot and lots of customers with Otherworld connections walking in. But as soon as they cross the welcome mat, they show their true form, they go back if it's crossed again. One woman turned into a phoenix-like creature, there was also a family of Nagas, some of them were feathered, furred, fanged, feline, one of the cashiers was even a Rakshasa, a muscular man with the head of a bull. The fruits on a display of potted trees shimmered like jewels, humans can be walk through them and can be taken out by having one of the branches pulled.

Aru Shah, visitor of the Night Bazaar

There are aisles for stuff like sharp deadly things. When going down the aisle like for the frozen food, people nothing offerings like prophecies, orreries, gold, and lead that are all frozen. This makes the vision of the Night Bazaar changed: the cement floor transforms to packed earth, the fluorescent ceiling lights stop flickering, the ceiling will disappear, and a bird sound a little like a bell will soar in the sky. This bird's wide wings were the color of evening turning into nighttime, half of the sky was sunlit and the other was moonlit.

The Night Bazaar really looked as if someone had taken an ancient marketplace and squashed it together with a modern grocery store. Beyond a pane of glass, aisles stretched far ahead in every direction, they held a combination of shelves, displays, small shops, and tents. One shop sold strange bolts of silk whose patterns looked like spun moonbeams and ribbons of rushing water, next to it was an Apple Store. The metal grocery carts were alive. The metal grilles curved up and down like mouths and an extra set of handles slanted like eyebrows, tiny spikes of metal rolled up and down the grocery cart like bristling fur when someone came near them, they seemed a bit feral and couple of them even growled. Near the entrance, people had to place miniature universes in baskets or a Devourer of Worlds will eliminate it, any beings cursed or under enchanted forms must be notified to the raksha before stepping through security. After stepping through that archway, the half-torn sky of day and night glistened and the smells of delicious food were in the air.

Three huge and floating signs shaped like giant ribbons with hanging tassels with round and scalloped ends pointed down the three main paths through the market: THINGS YOU WANT, THINGS YOU NEED, and THINGS YOU DON'T WANT TO NEED. When one approaches a sign it begins to move away from them and towards they need/want to go, once it's caught it forms a circular and downwards tunnel with stairs.

Court of the Seasons

This is the home of the Ritus, one way to get to the entrance is to catch one of the signs, but they think it's wretched. At the bottom of the staircase was a forest below that divided into six pieces: One where frost sleeved the tree branches and icicles dangled like ornaments (Winter/Shishira), one with a heavy downpour of rain that made the trunks difficult to see (Monsoon/Varsha), one that was a riot of blossoms with the rich earth bursting with flowers and perfume (Spring/Vasanta), one bright and dry where sunlight dappled the leaves (Summer/Grishma), one where the leaves had turned scarlet and gold (Autumn/Sharada), and one that was a rich dark green (Pre-winter/Hemanta). The Court of the Seasons may be the size of a football field but an EXIT sign was on the other side, it leads to a massive cavern that opened out into to the library.


All the books in this library are enchanted, they cover everything and everyone. It was the size of a village, shiny black stone formed the ceiling, large windows cut into the walls looked out onto unusual settings like the depths of the ocean, a dense jungle, and even out over the skyline of New York City. There were hundreds of shelves and the books hopped and fluttered around. Some of them even fought one another, squawking and hissing.

Dance Studio

This is where Urvashi teaches visitors of the Otherworld dancing and etiquette. The sky of the Night Bazaar opened up three times a week to allow Urvashi to descend in a celestial blue lotus as big as the museum, she refused to rent space anywhere.

Rick Riordan Presents

Pandava Quintet

Aru Shah and the End of Time

Aru Shah and Mini first go to the Night Bazaar with Boo to find the second key to the Kingdom of Death, the bite of adulthood. They decided to and succeeded in getting new weapons from the Ritus. They find the key and encounter the Sleeper initiating a fight during which Aru causes him to forget about the vahanas he stole. But the Sleeper reveals Boo's true identity and steals him, then Mini abandons Aru after learning that she was the one who released the Sleeper. But Aru uses her "magic ping-pong ball" to free the vahanas before leaving.

One Friday afterwards, Aru and Mini were training with the Council of Guardians. After Urvashi's dance class, Hanuman takes them through the orchard of Dream Fruit and beneath an archway of Chakora feathers leading to a canyon with a shiny crown over it. He takes the girls in retrieving the crown. But suddenly, an alarm went off, so Hanuman took them to a stone door exit.

Aru Shah and the Song of Death

The Night Bazaar was overrun by zombies, the reincarnated Pandavas crouched beneath a table by Frozen yogurt and Dreams stand because they didn't know how to use their weapons. A loud announcement said there was a demonic presence and the bazaar is to evacuated. The bazaar had fallen into chaos. Store-fronts had been toppled, and while most of the shop owners had evacuated, the displays kept fighting. An enchanted flower stall turned its pumpkin vines into a row of exploding jack-o’-lanterns, and the kitchen appliances section summoned an army of wooden spoons to beat a group of zombies over the head. when some of the intruders spilled a bowl of glass beads and started slipping and sliding on them, a yaksha storeowner hollered that they wouldn't get a Saturday account.[3]

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