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Nike is the Greek goddess of victory, daughter of the Titans Pallas and Styx and the sister of Kratos (Power), Bia (Force) and Zelus (Zeal). She assumes the role of the divine charioteer, a role in which she is often portrayed in Classical Greek art. Her Roman counterpart is Victoria, which is Latin for "victory".


Alongside her mother and siblings, Nike joined Zeus in his war against the Titans. As a reward for their support, Nike and her siblings were made the foremost of Zeus' servants. In addition, Nike was a constant companion of both Ares and Athena, accompanying them both into battle. She is often seen with Athena, as she often cannot contemplate defeat.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Demigod Files

Nike is one of the names found in the Olympian Crossword.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Mark of Athena

A six foot statue of Nike is seen in the right hand of the Athena Parthenos.

The House of Hades

The six foot statue of Nike is seen again on the Athena Parthenos.

The Blood of Olympus

She forces the demigods into the arena to fight to the death using her Nikai, her minions. The demigods manage to subdue her.  After the rift was healed between the Greeks and Romans, Nike and the gods showed up at Athens and helped the Seven defeat the giants. 


Nike is a tall and beautiful goddess, wearing a glittering sleeveless dress, with her dark hair in piled-up braids circled with a gilded laurel wreath. Her expression is usually wide-eyed and a little crazy, "like she’d just had twenty espressos and ridden a roller coaster", according to Leo. She wields a gold-tipped spear, and has wings of polished gold, which glitter so brightly, that Leo claims that had they been solar panels, Nike "would have produced enough energy to power Miami." She usually rides a golden chariot pulled by two white.


Nike possesses the standard powers of a goddess. She has not yet shown any abilities in the series, however her domain suggests she has some level of influence over victory and competition. She has the ability to be able to foresee victories and can grant victory. She can also curse people.

Nike can summon her indestructible golden spear and use it to fight for her as she doesn’t have to touch it to use it.

  • Victory Inducement: Nike has the ability to grant victory on to anyone she pleases.
  • Intuitive Precognition: Nike can see any victory that is going to occur and can transport herself there if needed.
  • Flight: Through the use of her powerful golden wings, she can propel herself upward and in any direction she wants. It has been said that her wings make her travel as fast as Hermes.
  • Curse Manipulation: Nike has the ability to curse anyone she pleases with either eternal failure and or death in battle.
  • Blessing Manipulation: Nike can bless someone with either eternal success and or Victory in battle


The Heroes of Olympus
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