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The following article/section is from the Gifted Clans continuity under Rick Riordan Presents and not the Riordanverse canon.

Noah Noh is a member of the Miru Clan.

The Gifted Clans series

The Last Fallen Star

One day during Saturday school as they talk about magic safes, he mentions seeing his older brother performing the ritual to open the safe in his room.

After Riley Oh is revealed to be a member of the Horangi clan, he is still civil towards her. When she, Hattie Oh, and Emmett Harrison visit his family's dojang, he agrees to help, with him and Hattie failing to keep their attraction towards each other a secret. He gives them the Joseon Chalice to summon Mayo Hamli, the mother of all creation. He say they need ashes of death, which Emmett agrees to using his mother's ashes, and the elixir of life, which Hattie agrees to donate her blood to. He tells them the chalice is enchanted to return after four hours and to take the Saturday school portal to Santa Monica, as the spell works best at high tide. He manages to take his brother's shift and opens the portal, he gives them his dragon scooter, Boris, for the return trip.

A few days later, Jennie Byun, has a vision of something happening the Gi Sanctuary and he joins her along with David Kim and Cosette Chung. When they arrive they find the Ohs, Emmett, and three Horamgi fighting the Cave Bear Goddess. He takes Riley and Areum out of harms way and berates her for letting Hattie get hurt, tearing up at the sight of her current state. After Riley announces she is the last fallen star, he and the others are shocked. They watch as Riley destroy the goddess's statue, expelling her from Okja and the mortalrealm.

As things calm down, he and the others from Saturday school try to comfort Riley, but she runs away crying to he elevators, he and David are amazed watching Taeyo perform tricks with water. Unknown to everyone, Riley is given a wish by the Haetae to undo anything from her past and she decides to resurrect Hattie. He does so and, after a delay, Hattie is resurrected. They all cheer and he happily hugs Hattie, before backing away after realizing everyone is looking at him. They promise to find a way to restore their memories of Riley as they fill Hattie in.


Unlike most members of the Miru Clan, who possesses athletic builds, Noah has a more stout build. He dresses in a hipster fashion with thick glasses, and trendy clothing. He styles his hair in a fohawk.


Unlike most members of his clan, Noah prefers using his magic for dance rather then fighting. He is also kind and understanding, such as not discriminating against Riley when she is revealed to be a Horangi.


  • Mystiokinesis: As a witch, he can use magic.
    • Superhuman Condition: As a member of the Miru Clan, he possesses both increased physical strength and speed. Where as most others of his clan only have one or the other.
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