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Your destiny grows clearer, Jason Grace. When the choice come again-storm or fire-remember me. And do not despair.

–Notus, advising Jason Grace on his choices, in The House of Hades

Notus  the son of Eos and Astraeus. He is the South Wind, one of the four Anemoi. As his brother, Boreas the North Wind resides in Quebec (the oldest Northern American settlement), Notus may reside in one of the older South American settlements. His palace is located on the coast of northern Africa. His Roman counterpart is Auster.

Notus' winds are heavy and filled with moisture, creating fog and mists. He was associated with the desiccating hot wind of the rise of Sirius after midsummer, was thought to bring the storms of late summer and autumn, he was also feared as a destroyer of crops.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Last Olympian

Notus is among the wind gods that Aeolus sends to defend Olympus from Kronos during the Second Titan War.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Notus is mentioned by an angry Boreas since Notus supposedly gets to spend the spring break in Cancún. Also, Chiron mentions that Notus is the most gentle of the winds and that the heroes of the Prophecy of Seven should use his winds to sail to Greece.

The House of Hades

Notus is mostly seen in his Roman aspect, Auster, during his final meeting with Jason Grace. At the end of the meeting, he retakes his old Greek form to signify Jason's decision to remain at Camp Half-Blood, rather than the more traditional Camp Jupiter.

The Blood of Olympus

During the Seven Heroes of Olympus' final battle with the Giants in Athens, Zeus rode into battle on a huge golden chariot, with Notus and his three brothers (in equine form) pulling it.


Notus is described as hot and quick to anger. Jason Grace preferred this, because unlike Auster, he actually got things done.


Notus is described as a bronze-skinned old man in a fiery Greek chiton and a wreath of withered, smoking barley on his head.


Auster, Notus's Roman aspect, is more warlike and militaristic than his Greek counterpart. He is also known to represent southern storms, unlike the fiery Notus. However, he seems to be less quick to anger when compared with Notus.

In The House of Hades, Jason Grace met with the South Wind on several occasions- sometimes as the fiery Notus and sometimes as the stormy Auster. As Auster, the South Wind helps Jason decide where he truly belongs. Once Jason chooses Camp Half-Blood, Auster changes back into Notus.


  • It is presumed that he has the standard powers of a god.
  • Aerokinesis: As the God of the South Wind, Notus has divine authority and absolute control over the air, though not as much as Aeolus and Zeus. His jurisdiction over this province enables him to access abilities such as:
    • Flight: Notus is able to fly by riding air currents.
    • Wind Control/Generation: Notus is able to generate and control wind.
    • Speed: Notus is able to move at incredible speeds that are even faster than a god's teleportation. 
  • PyrokinesisZethes thinks that Leo is one of his demigods because "he smells like fire", which means Notus probably has some influence over fire and heat, opposite to his brother Boreas.
  • Thermokinesis (limited to heat): As the God of Summer, and also hinted for having some power over heat, Notus possibly has control over heat.
  • Venti Lordship: As one of the Anemoi, he has venti at his command.
  • Seasons Alteration (Summer): As the god of Summer, it is more than likely that Notus has some kind of power over the season and things associated with it.


  • It is possible that Notus has demigod children since when the Boreads were confronting Leo about the fire they could smell, Zethes thought he was a 'child of the South Wind' sent to spy on them. This also hints that Notus likely has some connection to and/or power over heat and fire, much like Boreas with his cold and ice/snow powers.
The Heroes of Olympus
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