Of course not. I would not let my horses eat you, any more than I would let Akhlys kill you. Such fine prizes, I will kill myself!

–Nyx threatening Percy and Annabeth, in House of Hades

Nyx is the Greek primordial goddess of the night. In her chariot, pulled by two dark horses, she carries the mantle of night, covering the world with her brother/consort Erebus' darkness. Nyx is one of the first beings to have sprung from the void of Chaos. Her Roman form is Nox


Nyx was born directly from Chaos and Tartarus, two of the first protogenoi. She lives in Tartarus in the Mansion of Night, where she stays there only during the day and leaves Tartarus during the night. Nyx married her older brother Erebus (Darkness and Mist) and together they had many children. She also had children on her own, such as her daughter Hemera (Day), who left Tartarus when Nyx entered it, creating night and day. On ancient times, Nyx, her daughter Hemera (whom she usually fights with), her son Aither, and the stars were the constant company of her brother Ouranos.

Once, her son Hypnos angered Zeus by putting him to sleep under Hera's orders so she could shower his son Hercules with misfortune while Zeus was asleep. Zeus found out about his involvement and chased Hypnos who quickly fled to Nyx, whom Zeus obviously respected enough that he held his anger at bay, not wishing to offend the great goddess.

The Heroes of Olympus

The House of Hades

Even before meeting with Nyx, nearly every creature in Tartarus shows a fear of her (even some Giants and Titans) to the point of only referring to her as Night. However, visiting Akhlys for the Death Mist requires Percy and Annabeth to pass close by Nyx's domain if they hope to escape from Tartarus and close the Doors of Death. Unfortunately, after Percy and Annabeth manage to gain the Death Mist she double crosses them though Percy and Annabeth manage to defeat her. However, they wander too close to Nyx's domain and she appears to kill them.


Encountering Percy and Annabeth

At first, Annabeth and Percy are too stunned to speak, both because of Nyx's intimidating entrance and because she is able to see them, even with the Death Mist. Percy also worries that the horses that pull her chariot will eat them. Nyx admits to them that she wouldn't allow her horses to do such a thing, as she wants to do it herself.

Annabeth uses Nyx's wording against her and tells Nyx not to kill herself. This causes Nyx enough confusion that Annabeth quickly takes charge of the situation and convinces Nyx that they are on a tour of Tartarus, but Nyx isn't part of it. This greatly offends Nyx as she gets more and more wrapped up in Annabeth's lie. When Annabeth claims it may be because Nyx isn't important enough and how they could meet some of Nyx's children instead, Nyx becomes furious and summons all her children, including Geras, Eris, and more minor gods and monsters, which are all the worst terrors in existence. As Percy and Annabeth prepare to try and take a picture, they mention the Doors of Death and Nyx tells them that the only way to reach it is by entering her home, the Mansion of Night. After hearing this, they agree to take a picture with her favorite child. After hearing this, her children begin to fight amongst themselves over who is the worst terror. When Nyx is blinded by darkness, Percy and Annabeth slip past her and run into her mansion.

Nyx and her children eventually recover and chase them into the Mansion of Night, but not before Percy jumps over the River Acheron with Annabeth on his back out the other side of the mansion, out of her grasp.


As the embodiment of Night, Nyx had a terrifying presence, temporarily stunning Percy and Annabeth into silence. Despite this, she was shown to be quite gullible easily falling for the heroes' story. Though she is proud that most of her children are terrifying and often past time with them, Nyx showed to be uncomfortable when asked who her favorite child was.


Nyx was described as a churning figure of ash and smoke, as big as the Athena Parthenos (which was 40 feet tall), but very much alive. Her face was hard to see except for the pinpoints of her eyes, which shone like quasars. When her wings beat, waves of darkness rolled over the cliffs. Nyx's dress was void black, mixed with the colors of a space nebula as if galaxies were being born in her bodice.


As one of the Protogenoi, Nyx is an extremely powerful goddess, therefore being feared by many Titans and Giants. Zeus himself feared her enough to retract all threats against Hypnos.

  • Umbrakinesis: As the Protogenos of Night, Nyx has divine authority and absolute control over shadows and darkness.
    • Night Empowerment: Nyx becomes stronger at night or in dark places (e.g. Tartarus).
    • Night Vision: Nyx is able to see clearly in even total darkness. However, even she cannot see in the absolute darkness created by the combined might of dozens of her children.
    • Darkness Generation: Nyx can shoot solid bolts of darkness and surround enemies in pitch-black clouds of dark space.
    • Dark Shield Construction: Nyx can solidify shadows into virtually impenetrable shields.
    • Darkness Healing: Nyx is able to heal minor injuries sustained by herself and others using darkness.
    • Shadow Camouflage: Nyx can use shadows to cover herself in darkness to become invisible.
    • Shadow Mimicry: Nyx is able to morph into (living) darkness or shadow.
    • Shadow Travel: Nyx is able to travel anywhere she desired at incredible speeds through shadows.
  • Circadian Manipulation: Nyx is capable of controlling the movement and rotation of planets, which enables her to change the flow of night and day.
  • Control of Nocturnal Animals: Nyx is able to control nocturnal animals, such as owls and bats.


Nyx has several children, including with her husband and through herself (by partenogenesis).




Akhlys (Misery)


Aither (Light and Upper Air), Fates (Destiny), Thanatos (Death), Hypnos (Sleep), Epiphron (Prudence), Sophrosyne (Self-control, restraint, discretion), Dolos (Trickery and deception), Eleos (Mercy, pity, and compassion)​​​​​


Elpis (Hope), Hemera (Day), Keres (Violent death), Charon (Ferryman of Hades), Geras (Old age), Nemesis (Retribution, Balance), Eris (Discord, Strife), Arai (Curse), Momus (Satire), Apate (Deceit), Ponos (Hard labor), Moros (Doom), Philotes (Affection, friendship, and sexual intercourse), Oizys (Distress)

Cerberus Hellhounds
Ouranos (by his blood)

The Furies (Vengeance), Lyssa (Madness)


Shade and Shadow

Shade and Shadow

  • ​​​​​​It is also said by some that Nyx is the goddess of hellhounds.
  • Her horses were called Shade and Shadow.
  • The International Astronomical Union named one of Pluto's moons Nix in honor of the Greek goddess. They spelled it with an "i" because there was already an asteroid with her namesake.
  • Her Egyptian equivalent is Kauket.
  • Her Norse equivalent is Nótt.
  • Nyx is a shadowy figure in Greek mythology but from the extracts about her, it is gleaned that she was a figure of great beauty and power.
    • According to some Greek articles, Chaos didn't exist and Nyx was the first divine Entity, promoting her power and importance even more. One example is that the Fates, her daughters serve her.In the Illiad, there is a reference to Nyx having power over men and gods alike.
    • Her son Moros (Doom) is mysterious as well and is believed to be omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent, as he drives all things to their ends.
  • In some myths, Styx, the goddess of the boundary between life and death, is Nyx's daughter.
  • Her Roman form, Nox, is also the name of a spell in the Harry Potter series that creates darkness. This probably more due to the fact that Nox is the Latin for "night," rather than named after the goddess.
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