The Oceanids are the three thousand daughters of the Greek Titans, Oceanus and Tethys



Oceanus, their father.

Each was the patroness of a particular spring, lake, river, sea, pond, pasture, flower, or cloud. Some of them were closely associated with the Titans such as Calypso, or personified abstract concepts, like Tyche. One of these many daughters was also said to have been the consort of the sea god Poseidon, typically named as Amphitrite.

Oceanus and Tethys also had three thousand sons, the river-gods called Potamoi. Whereas most sources limit the term Oceanids or Oceanides to the daughters, others include both the sons and daughters under this term.


The following are some of the most famous or important of the three thousand daughters of Oceanus and Tethys.

  1. Styx: Elder Oceanid, Goddess of River Styx & Oaths, Consort of Pallas and Mother of the Winged Forces.
  2. Klymene: Goddess of Fame and Renown. Consort of Iapetus and Mother of the Human Foibles.
  3. Dione: Goddess of the Oracle of Dodona.
  4. Electra: Goddes of Storm-Clouds Colored by the Sun and Consort of Thaumas.
  5. Metis: Goddess of Wisdom and Good Council, Zeus' first wife, whom Zeus impregnated with Athena and then swallowed her.
  6. Eurynome: Goddess of Water-Meadows, Zeus' third wife, and mother of the Charites.
  7. Doris: Goddess of Rich Fishing-Grounds, Consort of Nereus and Mother of the fifty Nereids.
  8. Periboea: Goddess of Pasturelands and Small-Streams, Consort of Lelantos.
  9. Pleione: Goddess of Plenty and Protectress of Sailing, mother of the Pleiades.
  10. Callirhoe: Consort of Chrysaor and Mother of Geryon.
  11. Perseis: Consort of Helios and Mother of Circe, and Aeetes. (according to some myths)
  12. Eidyia or Idyia: Consort of Aeetes and Mother of Medea.
  13. Hagno: One of the nymphs that nursed infant Zeus.
  14. Hesione: Minor Goddess of Foresight and Consort of Prometheus.
  15. Nemesis: Goddess of Revenge, Retribrution for Evil Deeds and Undeserved Luck. (according to some myths)
  16. Tyche: Goddess of Fortune and Luck. (according to some myths)
  17. Leuke: Beautiful Oceanid abducted by Hades, who turned her into Popular tree either after she died or to appease angry Persephone.


  • They are called Oceanids, as their father is Oceanus.
  • They are the 3,000 nymphs presiding over sources of fresh water, both heavenly (rain, moist breezes) and earthly (rivers, seas, springs).
  • Some of them were also Aurai, and Elder Naiads.

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