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Okja is the elder of the Gom Clan.


During the Horangi attack on the temple, she found the body of a pregnant Horangi woman and saved her unborn daughter. She gave the girl to her sister and brother-in-law to raise, they would tell her she was a saram, a non magic person, born to teenagers.

The Gifted Clans series

The Last Fallen Star

Almost a week before her niece Hattie is set to try and receive her Gi bracelet, she tries and fails to convince the other elders let her adoptive niece, a non magical saram, try and get one. She and the other elders tell the congregation about the reopening of the library after a decade and about a carnival the following weekend. They also warn the congregation about attempted contact from a exiled Horangi Clan. After services she apologizes to Riley before another elder comes to speak with her.

Two days later, she and the other elders over see Hattie's initiation and she stops a magic shearing ritual between her nieces by revealing the Riley is not a saran, but a member of the exiled Horangi clan. After the revelation, the other elders give her and her sister's family a choice to make by the end of the week, either all of them will be excommunicated and stripped of their magic or only Riley will be banished.

Over the next few days she notices that the council leader, Bongjoon Pyo, has been acting erratically, insisting on reporting Horangi activity to the Godrealm alone rather then all council members as is usually done and she notices the details of a vision he had of the last Horangi elder before the excommunication, Sora Kwon, breaking in to the temple keep changing. She, her sister, and brother-in-law have a Samjogo track down Riley and they find her with her birth clan and Emmett Harrison fills them in. The four of them- along with Sora, Austin, Taeyo, and Emmett, go to a shed to talk. As the Ohs and the Horangi shout accusations at each other, Riley accuses her of a coverup and Emmett accuses her of killing his mom so she could take her place. She reveals her suspicion of Bongjoon Pyo and the group form an uneasy alliance as they head to Los Angeles. They arrive at Mr. Pyo's place of work and, after Taeyo hacks into his calendar to make an appointment for his relatives, they walk right in. They find him in a meeting and, when he sees them, runs as they give chase. They corner him in his car as Sora, Austin, and Taeyo subdue him. Riley asks why he framed the Horangi. Mr.Pyo tells them Sookhee Harrison was behind everything before he comes to the realization that she was possessed by the Cave Bear Goddess as part of a plan for her and her sisters to destroy the artifacts, which are actually pieces of the dark moon and dark sun, to erase their sin so that they can enter the Mortalrealm and do what they please with humanity. After realizing the Cave Bear Goddess can possess members of the Gom, Riley asks if they can sever the clan's ties to her. Although hesitant at first, she reveals a spell exists and the ohs agree to it. Just then Areum arrives and says the Dokkaebi know where the artifact is.

The others enter the room and, as Riley had their memories of her erased to find the last fallen star, they do not recognize her and are surprised that she knows about their plan to sever the Gom from the Cave Bear Goddess. After she returns Emmett's ring and takes out Taeyo's compass, she believes it is the last fallen star and they head to the Gi Sanctuary. The Cave Bear Goddess arrives and asks Riley for the star. She then requests Hattie and the goddess obliges. She watches as Hattie suddenly starts to spasm before speaking in the voice of Sookhee Harrison. After she explains to her son what she did and how she regained her sense of self, she turns into a jaguar and goes to the afterlife. Riley berates the goddess for not returning Hattie, the goddess responds that, as she and the other goddesses are the daughters of Mago Halmi, all others are beneath them. Okra then starts the spell to sever the goddess from a Gom, binding the two with thread. Riley goes to cut off threads, but fails to do so as she realizes to late that the compass is not the star. As the Cave Bear Goddess berates Riley, for betraying her, Riley says she is powerless in the Mortalrealm without a host. Just then the goddess tries to possess Okja. The others try and fail to stop the goddess from possessing her. The Cave Bear Goddess uses her as a vessel to fight the others, however Riley expels the goddess from her by destroying the statue in a Gi Sanctuary.

As things calm down, she and Sora talk and shake hands. Unknown to everyone, Riley is given a wish by the Haetae to undo anything from her past and she decides to resurrect Hattie. He does so and, after a delay, Hattie is resurrected. They all cheer and promise to find a way to restore their memories of Riley as they fill Hattie in.


  • Mystiokinesis (formerly): As a witch, she can use magic.
    • Vitakinesis: As a member of the Gom clan, she can utilize Healing Magic. She and the rest of the Gom Clan lost this ability upon the death of the Cave Bear Goddess.
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