Olujime, better known as Jamie (Jimmy in eBook editions), is a Yoruba demigod and a former prisoner of Commodus before his release by Apollo.


Jamie was born in Nigeria and has come to the United States for his graduate studies in Accounting. To support himself financially, he used to fight as a mercenary for Commodus.

The Trials of Apollo

The Dark Prophecy

For some reason, Commodus and Jamie got into an argument. Commodus became angry and began to suspect that Jamie might betray him. Hence Commodus put Jamie in prison.

After Apollo freed Jamie from his prison, he fought against Commodus's army to protect the Waystation.


Jamie is described as tall, glossy dark-skinned and handsome by Apollo, with the latter swiftly developing a crush on him. He has a muscular build, a shaved head, and a booming, thunderous voice. He wore only a red-and-white loincloth with matching beads around his neck, but he did not seem underdressed. His eyes were teak brown, piercing and angry but beautiful in the way only dangerous things can be. Tattooed on his right shoulder was a symbol that looked like some sort of a double-bladed ax.


  • Fighting Skills: Jamie is shown to be a skilled fighter, using Nigerian martial arts in battle.
  • Animal Taming: Jamie is shown to be go with animals, as he was able to calm down Commodus’ battle ostriches.

  • Electrokinesis: Jamie is able to generate red-colored electricity, as he has demonstrated during his fight against Commodus' forces.


  • He is the first human introduced in the series who is neither Greco-Roman, Egyptian or Norse. He is revealed to be ethnically Yoruba, a people that comprise over one-fifth of Nigeria's population. 
  • Apollo noted that Jamie's fighting style is similar to the children of Zeus/Jupiter.
  • Jamie practices Gidigbo and Dambe, two Nigerian martial arts
  • Jamie's possible godly parent is Shango, the Yoruba god of lightning, due to his Electrokinesis.
    • The color red and the double ax are also another of the Yoruga god of lightning many symbols.
  • A curious difference exists between the physical and eBook editions of The Dark Prophecy, where instead of Jamie, Olujime is called Jimmy.
  • Jamie seems to know how to interact with ostriches to make friends with them.
The Trials of Apollo
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